“A newborn is soft and tender,
A crone, hard and stiff.
Plants and animals, in life, are supple and succulent;
In death, withered and dry.
So softness and tenderness are attributes of life,
And hardness and stiffness, attributes of death.

Just as a sapless tree will split and decay
So an inflexible force will meet defeat;
The hard and mighty lie beneath the ground
While the tender and weak dance on the breeze above.”

~ Tao Te Ching

Kickboxing Tip:

Where are your fitness goals achieved? 

Most people would say on the mat.  That by working out, they achieve their fitness goals. 

I disagree. 

I believe that the OPPORTUNITY for growth happens on the mat or in the gym or out on your run.  Whatever stimulus you are providing your body gives it the potential to reach whatever goal you have set.  But that’s it.

So where does it happen?

My argument and the argument of people a lot smarter than me say that actual physical growth and physical potential are reached during rest and recovery.  After providing your body with the correct amount of stimulus to promote the effect that you want – whether weight loss or lean muscle gain. 

I invite you to evaluate what your rest and recovery look like.  As the warm weather approaches, we all want to shed a few extra pounds and lean up a bit.  If you are not being careful with your diet (getting enough protein for example) and you are not sleeping 8 hours a night, these may provide you with some pretty big obstacles when looking to achieve your fitness goals. 

If you have any questions simply ask Master Dan next time you’re in the school. 

Kid’s Karate Tip:

Dear Parents,

When was the last time your practiced martial arts with your child? 

There is one thing that all our children want from us everyday and that is time.  Most kids associate time and attention with love and what kid doesn’t want to be loved?  So I invite you to take just 3 minutes and practice some karate with your child.  Here is a very simply drill…

Grab a piece of paper and draw a circle the size of your fist.  Then place it in front of your child and start SLOWLY swinging it from right to left.  They are not allow to move and have to throw a Jab and Cross in the circle as it moves by in front of them.  All you have to do is keep swinging it back and forth.  This is a great drill to build hand eye coordination and timing. 

Some of the older kids might be reluctant at first…  that’s alright.  They are scared of looking foolish as we all are.  You know your child and what will motivate them to participate.  For me, if I told any of my kids, “I have a challenging exercise for you BUT….  it might be too hard.  Maybe we shouldn’t do it.”  They would be begging to start. 

Always make sure to praise and love on them when they are successful.  That will never got old for your kids even though they might try to shrug it off. 

This is also a great retention tool to keep them motivated and inspired about their martial arts training! 

STRYKER Special!

All parents to kids participating in our program get a FREE QUICKSTART PACKAGE!  This is a month of lessons, pants and shirt FREE!  Just see one of the staff at the front desk and we will get you started!  

And we are doing the same for kids of adults in our kickboxing program!  See one of us at the front desk and we will set up their first class!