“However long the night, the dawn will eventually break.”
                                        ~ African Proverb

Times get tough.  Life gets hard.  You wouldn’t know that to be true unless things have also been good and will get better.  There seems to be a collective agreement that things are hard right now.  I believe that many people (including myself) thought we would have turned a corner by now and things would be looking brighter.  Even so…  this will pass.  Things will get better.  The dawn will eventually break. 

I have seen many challenges over the course of my life…  when things get hard, I train harder.  As much as I want to pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep, I know that it won’t serve me in the long run.  Being physically fit and strong will.  Allowing life’s lessons to be learned, practiced, and honed in the training environment will allow me to be more successful when the next challenge comes. 

Remember that there is credit due just for showing up.  The hardest part is getting to your class.  From there, we will take care of the rest.  As much as you might not want to…  get yourself to class and then give yourself credit for showing up! 

One day at a time…  One class at a time…  Train hard. 

Master Dan


Testing – March 31st
No Classes this day and as usual, no unsupervised kids during testing. 

To the Bo-Blacks not interested in testing for Black Belt,

I reckognize that we have a problem.  There needs to be some sort of acknowledgement and achievement other than Black Belt.  I have not figured out what that will be yet but I am working on it. I have debated special uniforms for different amounts of years trained.  Special gloves.  Embriodered Bo-Black Belts after a certain amount of time trained.  I just don’t know yet.

I realize that with the increase in the standard for Black Belt, that some of you are now in limbo.  I am sorry.  I thought that our outstanding program would be enough to sustain people’s interests.  That achieving and maintaining your fitness goals in a class that is fun, inspirational and educational would be enough.   

The difficult position that I am in is that the Martial Arts Equipment industry is not a very stable one.  Meaning, manufacturers will introduce a uniform, have it for a couple of years, and then stop making it.  The last thing I want to do is set up a long term perspective and reward that people can strive for only to find out that once they get there, I can no longer get the merchandise.  (This has been the current problem with our kids BBC – They stopped making the uniform!) 

So, I request your patiences.  I am working on it.  We still have the great program you signed up for.  Just give me some time to figure out a structure that Bo-Blacks can work towards. 

Here is a start though…

I was speaking with one of the Bo-Blacks and she brought up a good point about testing.  She loves the testing environment and the energy.  She expressed that some other Bo-Blacks felt the same way.  Therefore, I want to open the testing up to the Bo-Blacks who meet the requirements (12 classes per month).  If you make 12 classes per month, you are welcome to participate in testing.  To be clear, you WILL NOT be getting a progress stripe because you are not working towards Black Belt.  But you will have the expreience of supporting others who are both working towards your rank and others. 

I thought it was a great idea and I look forward to seeing you all at testing!