“I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”
                                                        ~ Albert Einstein

As always, a great reminder…  whose martial arts is it?  The way we talk about it is simply showing you the door.  It is up to you to provide the work, discipline and open mindedness to actually learn the martial arts for yourself. 


Testing – March 31st
No Classes this day and as usual, no unsupervised kids during testing.  

Top 5 Parent “Must Do’s”:

Do: Always, always compliment your child after each and every class. Find something that they did well and point it out to them. This is also a great time for a hug or kiss – they are FREE so be generous! High 5’s work great too! Kids should immediately associate Karate with a feeling of success and pride.

Do: Watch as many classes as possible. Get involved, be your child’s #1 fan and cheerleader.

Do: Get into a regular schedule as much as possible so children can mentally prepare for class early in the day. It is a good idea for you too so you can plan other chores around your trip. Pack your child’s uniform and gear the previous night so that it will be ready to go first thing in the morning. It is very easy if you have a specific bag designated for Karate.

Do: Keep the instructors informed. Let them know about your child’s enthusiasm for the program and any problems you may be running into. We have been teaching the martial arts for a long time and chances are we have run into the problem before. We are here to help you so please do not hesitate to ask.

Do: Give your child the thing they want more than anything in the world, your time! Get involved and make earning a Black Belt a Team effort.