“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.”   ~ Mark Twain
Trying to improve our school and our program has been a scary process.  I have been concerned about what people will think and what the outcome will ultimately be.  Luckily, the majority of feedback has been positive if not ecstatic.  I am thankful that everyone is enjoying the program and taking their martial arts to a higher level! 
The next process we are working on is improving our customer service.  We had a 2 hour meeting today about it and know where our customer service is weak and know where we can make some substantial improvements. 
Here is one…  over the weekend I was at a martial arts seminar and they discussed why students quit.  Want to know the main reason?  “Perceived Indifference.”  They feel that either the staff nor their fellow students care whether they show up to class or not.  When I heard this, it really struck a cord with me. 
Oscar and I can both come across as not caring – and quite honestly, I am the biggest offender of all.  I can walk through a room full of students and not say a word.  Its bad…  and it is something I need to fix.  Ultimately, here is why we are this way… because on multiple occasions, a few people have taken complete advantage of our kindness and have really “zinged” us. 
Oscar and I can share some real horror stories.  I remember one time a woman was yelling at Oscar so loud over the phone, I could hear her perfectly on the other side of the mat.  It was complete nonsense.  This is one of a number of situations where students have acted poorly around us.  Whether it is yelling, being disrespectful over the phone, name calling… or even using the recent improvements we have made in the school to weasel out of their agreement.  All of it is incredibly frustrating. 
Here’s why…
The fact of the matter is that we personally invest in all the students.  We care about all of you.  A lot of work goes on “behind the scenes” to make sure classes happen.  The last thing we want to do is see you quit.  Yet because of these few people over the last 10 years, we have developed quite a defense mechanism.  And ultimately that defense mechanism is to shut down. 
Oscar and I have both agreed to change our ways and it is important for us that YOU know that we value you and your participation in our program.  Without you, Stryker Martial Arts wouldn’t exist. 
If you have felt that we have been indifferent to your participation in our school Oscar and I both sincerely apologize.  That was never our intention. 
We are committed to taking our student service game to the next level and along with this new challenge comes fear and vulnerability.  We will make it though. 
T.E.A.M = Together Everyone Achieves More!
Master Dan