“Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious.”
                                                            ~ Brendan Gill


Be sure to share our amazing referral program with your friends and family!  They can train for the Month of December FREE!  All they have to do is get a uniform. 

  • Black Belt Test is December 18th – Be sure to check with Master Dan regarding your participation – especially the current Black Belts looking to earn progress stripes!
  • Testing is December 23rd – Lets finish the year strong with the highest level of participation by both students testing and friends and family there to cheer you on!  Figure out now who you are going to invite!
  • Holiday break – Friday December 24th to Sunday January 2nd

Remember, the next 4 weeks are critical to your success.  If you maintain your momentum and training during the next 4 weeks, you will start 2011 strong and ready to continue seeing amazing results!