These things from ancient times arise from one:
The sky is whole and clear.
The earth is whole and firm.
The spirit is whole and strong.
The valley is whole and full.
The ten thousand things are whole and alive.
Kings and lords are whole, and the country is upright.
All these are in virtue of wholeness.

The clarity of the sky prevents its falling.
The firmness of the earth prevents its splitting.
The strength of the spirit prevents its being used up.
The fullness of the valley prevents its running dry.
The growth of the ten thousand things prevents their dying out.
The leadership of kings and lords prevents the downfall
of the country.

Therefore the humble is the root of the noble.
The low is the foundation of the high.
Princes and lords consider themselves
“orphaned,” “widowed,” and “worthless.”
Do they not depend on being humble?

Too much success is not an advantage.
Do not tinkle like jade
Or clatter like stone chimes.

       ~ Tao Te Ching


Testing This Thursday – NO CLASSES

We will be closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

We will have classes next week for the ADULT kickboxers.  We will hold night classes only at the regularly scheduled times. 

SMA will be closed Friday Evening and Saturday (December 31 and January 1st).  We will reopen on January 3rd for classes. 

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