As many of you know, I have a commitment to what Tony Robbins calls the CAN-I principle which refers to Constant And Neverending Improvement.  I believe the real joy in life occurs in growth and development – both your own and others.  It is part of the reason I love doing what I do.  There is no doubt that at Stryker Martial Arts we create a possibility for personal growth and development on a daily basis. 

Yet, I was reminded of something VERY cool yesterday.  You see, I signed up for a 6 month course.  It is a course dedicated to creating an adult conversation around fun and play. 

The funny thing is, I have taken this course twice already.  Strange, right?

I was talking to my wife last night and she was even asking me, “Why would you take that course AGAIN?” 

Well, the last time I took it was about three years ago.  Am I the same person I was three years ago?

Am I the same person I was two years ago?  One?  A week ago?

I promise you the answer is No.  I have a sincere commitment to working on my growth and development and to work on it daily. 

So in the last 3 years, I have learned some new things and “figured some things out” about myself. 

Now a “New and Improved” Dan Stryker will be walking into that room to discuss some very cool topics. 


I was talking with my wife and we have been debating going on vacation together just her and I.  We have met some personal challenges over the last 3 years and if anyone has earned a week off on a beach it is her and I. 

Great News!  She booked our vacation yesterday!

So in one day, I signed up for an incredibly powerful experience through this course I registered for and my wife booked (registered) for our vacation!  What a day!

Here is why yesterday was so exciting.  When I registered for the course…  when I signed up…  I put my money down and said “YES! I’m in!” my life changed.  I am now in the course.  I am looking forward to it.  I am talking about it with people I know.  I am excited about it.  The fact of the matter is that the course started the moment I put my money down. 

The same is true for the vacation.  We have already started talking about it and making plans both of logistics and enjoyment.  “What are we going to do?”  “I bet the beach is beautiful.”  “I heard the food is excellent.”  And so on.  In essence we are on vacation, we just aren’t at the location yet.

So what happened?  I/We registered.  Registration happens the moment you commit both verbally and financially. 

Registration allowed me to create a NEW future for myself that wasn’t already there.  I will come out of this course with new understandings that will positively impact the lives of the people around me.  I will be renewed and refreshed after spending a week on the beach and ready to come back and serve the school and my family with greater energy and vitality. 

Where would I have been if I was still debating about taking a course?  Talking about going on vacation? 

That is the difference that registration makes.  And what a cool difference!

So this is a powerful reminder that your REGISTRATION in our martial arts program is really a commitment to your personal growth and development which created a future that was never going to happen.  It is an acknowledgement of the risk you took, the leap of faith…  and ultimately, the decision you made to play full out in the game of your life. 

You Rock!