Testing Requirements for Bo-Black Students

beltsA unique training feature at Dojo Fairfield, is that you will never be forced or expected to attain the rank of Black Belt.  If you simply love training for the sake of training, then you are able to retain ANY rank for the long haul, without expanding your martial arts technique to include takedowns, wristlocks, grab defense, and other Black Belt requirements.

If you are dedicated, committed, and willing to take impact on your body, then there are some requirements that Bo-Black students need to adhere to in order to qualify to test each month and progress towards the rank of Black Belt.  At the bare minimum, Bo-Black students who intend to test for Black Belt, must take 12 classes between tests.  For our adult students, 3 of the 12 classes MUST be a Black Belt Club class.

If a student successfully completes these requirements, they may participate in our monthly test on Thursday evenings, and earn a progress stripe.  Bo-Black students will be expected to demonstrate the technique of the month during this test, as well as any previously learned techniques.

Once a student earns the appropriate number of progress stripes (between 10 and 12 for adult kickboxers, and 22-24 for karate students), he or she will qualify to take part in a Black Belt Pre-Test, which is held approximately 1 month prior to the next Black Belt test.  A student’s performance at the Pre-Test will determine their eligibility to participate in the official Black Belt test (held in June and December).  All decisions regarding a Bo-Black student’s readiness to test for their Black Belt will be made by a panel of current Black Belt students at the Pre-Test.  The rulings are not negotiable.  If the panel decides that the Bo-Black student is ready to undertake the official test, he or she will be invited to participate.  Should the panel decide that the student needs more preparation, they will advise waiting until the next Pre-Test (approximately 6 months).

The Pre-Test is designed to limit any conflict of interest between Karina and Kailen’s roles as business owners, and instructors.  The panel of Black Belts will be testing with the Bo-Black candidates in their official test, and are best suited to gauge their level of readiness.  Please note, only your preparation will award you the ability to participate in the Black Belt Test.

The next Black Belt Pre-Test will be held on Saturday May 5, 2018   

All Bo-Black students who intend to test for their Black Belt in June 2018 MUST participate in the Pre-Test.  We will make No Exceptions.