We’re MORE than happy to talk about our programs all day long… clearly we’re passionate about our school.  However, we’re sure you’d rather see what some of our students are saying!

Youth Karate

“The training that my son has received thus far has definitely given him a great deal of confidence.  His body has changed physically which mentally makes him feel better about himself.  He fees stronger now and he always looks forward to coming to class and do the best that he can.  Of course, he enjoys doing the workout with all his friends he has met at Dojo Fairfield.  THANK YOU!”
– Jayne Y. – Fairfield, CT


“I am happy to say that my son Liam has learned a lot in the past year with Dojo Fairfield.  His training has taught him to be more disciplined and focused, and he has learned some useful defense skills… My son truly looks forward to going to karate to learn and have fun.”
– Bill L., Trumbull, CT


“My son has been taking karate at Dojo Fairfield for over two ears, and the experience has had a positive influence on his self-confidence, self-control, and physical well-being.  His self-confidence has shown tremendous growth, as he frequently approaches new and challenging situations with self-assurance and composure.  Taking karate has had a beneficial effect on his physical well-being. It’s extremely challenging, provides great exercise, builds muscles, prepares him for other activities, and is always fun!  Thanks for the continued pursuit of excellence in your kids program at Dojo Fairfield!”
– Michele F., – Fairfield, CT


“Thanks for all you guys do.  So glad we found your program, it is truly amazing.  The level of personal attention you give the students and all the skills you are building are amazing.  We really appreciate all you do!!”
– Ashley W., Fairfield, CT

“My child has shown much more confidence thanks to the Dojo Fairfield program. After taking up Karate for multiple weeks, she has gained a great sense of fearlessness and strength.  She also has better posture, and a higher self esteem…”
– Pakshan R., Fairfield, CT

Adult Kickboxing

“After 4 years of training at Dojo Fairfield I was hit by a drunk driver and had to have extensive reconstructive shoulder surgery.  My surgeon said that my shoulder and back muscles were in such great shape that the damage would have even worse if I hadn’t been working out.  One major surgery and 18 months later I was able to come back to Dojo Fairfield and resume my training and working out.  I have 100% range of motion and it really is because of the focus and dedication of the staff to the well-being of all it’s students.  Thank you!”
– Joann C., Trumbull, CT


“I’ve been training a little over 3 years.  It’s changed my life in so many ways that it’s hard to choose one thing.  I’d say the main thing is that it’s given me the courage to try other new things and has freed me from my fear of failure.”
– Nikki C., Fairfield, CT


“I have learned a lot about my body, where most of my strength is, and how to use it.  It has taught me patience.  I’ve learned to take a step back from situations and study them further before taking action.”
– Kelley M., Trumbull, CT


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