Quote of the Week

“Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.”

Karate News
We think it’s important for our students to learn respect.  While they have an opportunity to strengthen this behavior on the mat, we believe it is equally important for them to carry this behavior beyond the dojo into the two places where they spend the most time — home and school.
Last week our mat chats at the end of class focused on “saying ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’.”  In particular, we focused on helping the students become aware of all the opportunities they have at school each day to show respect and use these manners.  Some daily opportunities are obvious: use “please” when asking the teacher for something, such as a pencil or book, and use “thank you” once receiving it.  Other daily opportunities are less obvious for students and it was these that we especially focused on last week: saying “thank you” to the people working in the cafeteria, saying “thank you” each day to the bus driver, using “please” when asking to join in a game with a group of friends, saying “thank you” to the custodians.
Many people help our students grow and learn, and we know these people deserve respect.  We want our students to learn to recognize this too.

-Ms. Kristin and Ms. Sarah

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Kickboxing News

If you attended class last week (and we hope you have), your left arm is probably feeling the brunt of the new combination.  But fear not, as the combination expands there will be an opportunity for other appendages to be sore as well.

Are you feeling confused about this new combination?  I am.  The combination itself is not really new to most of us, but it sure does feel it.  Do you know what’s good about that?  It means that you’re learning something.  You are learning to use the skills that you already have in a different order than you may normally prefer.

What we are doing is giving our brains permission to be stretched and to arrive at a conclusion from a different angle.  In essence, it’s a workaround.  It’s always better to have more than one option that to be stuck with only one way to get the job done, no?

Maybe select a portion of the combination that is giving you the most problems, and just work on that.  I am sure that if you work on that one piece and gain confidence the rest of it will fall into place.

-Ms. Karina

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Tired of Laundry?

The laundry can wait – SMA T-shirts are 20% off until October 1st!


How nice would it be, if you could put the laundry off for one more day?  We’re making it a bit easier to do that!  All Stryker Martial Arts t-shirts are 20% off until October 1st!  Take advantage of this offer before it’s too late!  See a staff member today and reward yourself by putting the laundry off until tomorrow.

Are You Prepared?

Scary Statistic: While violent crime is down 4% nationwide as compared to last year, robbery and sexual assault is on the rise in our area.


We aren’t interested in creating fear; we are interested in teaching preparedness, and instilling confidence in our students.  Learn what you should look for, and what YOU can do in order to tip the scales in your favor, should you be involved in an assault.

Due to the success of our Street Fighting Seminar last month, we are adding a second installment, which is limited to only 10 participants.  Join us on Sunday September 30th at 11am for part 2 of our Street Fighting Seminar.  If you were unable to attend the first seminar, don’t miss this opportunity!  The cost for participation is $20, and the seminar is open to both students and non-students.

We will also be running a Knife Fighting Seminar on Sunday September 30th, at noon.  The cost for participating in this seminar is $40, which includes a training knife ($20, if you already have a training knife).  There are only 10 spots left for this seminar, which is open to both students and non-students.

Email Kailen or get in touch with a staff member today in order to get on the list, and get confident.

Who is Ready for Testing?

Testing is this Thursday!  
Our karate test for kids (yellow belt through Brown Belt) is at 6pm, and our kickboxing test for adults is at 7:15pm.  Bo-Black kids will test for their progress stripe on Saturday.
We will not be running regularly scheduled classes on Thursday.  Only kids who are testing for their next rank will be allowed to participate, please be sure your child has received the appropriate number of stripes!
Kickboxing students who aren’t testing may participate in the class at 7:15pm.
Come support your community, and if you’re testing this month don’t forget to invite the special people in your environment to support you!

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