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Congratulations To Our Newest Ranks!

Last night was our Testing Night for September, and both our karate students and kickboxing students did a FANTASTIC JOB in earning their newest ranks!  Congratulations to everyone who tested, and ‘thank you’ to all of the family and friends who came out to show support!

If it’s your rotation to test next month, be sure to get your classes in!


Master Dan poses with two of our newest Bo-Black students! Congratulations Luke R. and Justin C.!

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Karate Test
Enzo J. – Purple Belt
Joshua R. – Purple Belt
Kyle R. – Blue Belt
Mateo C. – Blue Stripe Belt
Liam L. – Green Stripe Belt
Justin C. – Bo-Black Belt
Luke R. – Bo-Black Belt

Kickboxing Test
Christina T. – Purple Belt
Ashley G. – Purple Belt
Siobhan C. – Brown III Belt

Bo-Black Striping
Kristin V.
Lynn M.
Nikki C.


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“The training my son has received thus far has definitely given him a great deal of confidence.  His body has changed physically which mentally makes him feel better about himself.  He feels stronger now and he always looks forward to coming to class and doing the best he can.  Of course, he enjoys doing the workout with all his friends he has met at Stryker Martial Arts!”  – Jayne Y.


Spotlight On Our Students: Justin C.

We are proud of all of our karate students here at Dojo Fairfield. This week we wanted to highlight a karate student who exemplifies the spirit of the martial arts because of the determination he demonstrated this past month to earn his Bo-Black on time.Justin C. had a great summer. In fact, he got to spend the entire month of July down in the Carolinas visiting his grandparents! That meant, however, that he had to miss a month of training that he needed to earn his Bo-Black belt on time, 24 stripes and three months beyond earning his Brown III. That didn’t stop Justin! Once he looked at a calendar and realized that he could earn enough stripes for his test if he came to every single class available for him during September, that’s exactly what he decided to do.

Last night Justin earned his Bo Black, and Ms. Kristin took a moment to ask him a few questions about his amazing achievement and to learn a bit more about the determination Justin demonstrated this past month.
K.V.: You couldn’t miss even one class this month to get 24 stripes and test on time! How did you keep yourself going and excited to come to every class?
J.C.: The calendar was in my mind! I could see it. I was just going to do it.
K.V.: What is your favorite move in karate?
J.C.: I like kicks. I really like roundhouse kicks.
K.V.: How does karate help you in school?
J.C.: Karate helps me focus in school when my friends are bothering me in class–especially in art class!
K.V.: What’s next for you now that you are a Bo Black?
J.C.: I want to earn my Black Belt in two years!
K.V.: How does it feel to have your Bo Black now after working so hard for it, especially this past month?

 J.C.: I feel strong! I feel so brave! It’s like…I’ve got the power!

We know that parents are an integral part of helping their children reach the goals they set.  Ms. Kristin also took a moment to ask Justin’s parents about Justin’s determination and accomplishment.
What was it like bringing Justin to class every day and watching him get so focused on earning his Bo Black?
It was great. It was so great. It was definitely our way of helping him reach his goal.
How have you seen karate help Justin in his life off the mat?
 Justin definitely has more confidence because of karate. He holds himself differently and he is more attentive. We also see him show more leadership now; he is always looking to help others.
Again, congratulations Justin – and thank you for setting such a great example of what it means to have a Black Belt Attitude!


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