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Are You on Track for your Next Test?

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It’s already  August, and we’re  close to the end of the summer!  If you’ve been ‘M.I.A.’ at the dojo, be sure to get back to class!

Summer is a tricky time for training, as many of us are contending with vacations, kids, day trips, the HEAT … we get it!  Getting to class is often at the bottom of the proverbial totem pole.  But by committing to train at least once per week, you are making progress towards your goals – and your next test!

So the question remains – are you on track for your next test?  Just get yourself through the door, and we’ll do the rest.


Know anyone who could benefit from training?  Give us a call at (203) 319-9989.

“The training my son has received thus far has definitely given him a great deal of confidence.  His body has changed physically which mentally makes him feel better about himself.  He feels stronger now and he always looks forward to coming to class and doing the best he can.  Of course, he enjoys doing the workout with all his friends he has met at Stryker Martial Arts!”  – Jayne Y.

Spotlight on Our Students in Fairfield, CT – Kailen P.

We may have grown to know each other on the mat, but how well do you really know the members of our awesome community?  We took the opportunity to sit down with one of our students and Program Director at our Fairfield, CT dojo– Kailen P. – in order to gain some insight into her life both on and off the mat.

SMA: Are you originally from Fairfield?  If not, where did you grow up?
K.P.: I’m originally from the teeny, tiny, little town of Hopedale, MA.  It was originally set up as a Utopian society in the mid 1800’s (which failed miserably).  The biggest thing Hopedale is known for nowadays, is as the birthplace of Aerosmith’s guitarist Joe Perry.  I met my husband while attending Fairfield University, and after our son was born we decided to settle in good ‘ole Fairfield.

SMA: How long have you been training at SMA?
K.P.: It’s just about 5 years!


SMA: What is your current rank?
K.P.: I’m currently a Black Belt student, and am training to test for my second degree in June 2014!


SMA: What have you experienced as a benefit of training in our Black Belt Club?
K.P.:  First and foremost, it wasn’t until I decided to join BBC,  that I felt I truly was making a commitment to myself.  At the time I was working full-time (and then some), and had a young child to take care of.  Joining BBC allowed me to take care of ME – which felt a bit alien at first.  Learning to try to new things — some which came naturally and others which required a LOT of patience from my training partners — has helped inspire a willingness to try new things elsewhere in my life.  The words “I CAN’T” seem more like a challenge now, rather than a deterrent or an excuse to quit.


SMA: What does the term ‘martial arts’ mean to you?
K.P.: To me, martial arts is the practice of  strengthening your mind and body through a process of training, dedication and self-introspection. When I see a fellow martial artist, I see someone who not only sets high standards, but someone who takes this practice on in all facets of life — at home, in the presence of a challenge, in the workplace… everywhere!  The physical and mental resilience (as well as strength) that I’ve developed through my martial arts practice has allowed me to overcome some tough obstacles relatively unscathed. 😀


SMA: What does your life consist of “off the mat”?
K.P.: Off the mat is a bit misleading for me, since even if I’m off the mat, I’m always in tune with what’s going on at the school.  “Off the mat”, I’m program director for the dojo – so I’m always striving to ensure that our students are getting the most out of their training (which is why I’m always on the phone or email!).  I’m also a wife to my husband Eric – who just received his Black Belt in June – and  mother to my 8 year old son, Aiden, who is a green belt in our youth karate program.  I also have 2 amazing dogs – Lando and Harleen – and am passionate about rescuing dogs.  I own my own business called Stubby Legged Dog, (launched earlier this summer) which provides funds to volunteer dog rescue organizations.  I won’t put any shameless plugs on here… but I will say that you can google it.


SMA: How has your martial arts training served you off the mat?
K.P.:  My training is present everywhere!  It’s in the way I walk with more confidence, the way I handle stressful situations with more ‘calm’, the way I interact with my family and friends, and the way I take on new challenges with a sense of excitement rather than fear or upset.


SMA: What is your definition of a black belt attitude?
K.P.: There is no failure – as long as you learned something.  When you ‘fail’ – try again and work it out.  By applying dedication and perseverance you will reach your goal.

SMA: What’s your favorite food?
K.P.: My grammy’s pasta sauce!  It tastes amazing on anything.  on pasta, on a cracker, on rice, on bread, in a spoon… yum!


SMA: You’re stranded all alone on a remote tropical island. What are three things that you would miss the most from your current life?
K.P.: My son Aiden, insulin, and books.  Insulin might actually be the first one on that list. 😀


SMA: What’s your go to move?
K.P.: A quick left roundhouse followed up by a flurry of punches.


SMA: What do you see yourself doing in five years?
K.P.: If I had it my way, things would remain relatively static… I LOVE the community at the dojo, and am absolutely excited about our newly launched cardio kickboxing program.  I also am happy to be in the position to provide financial relief for dog rescue groups, and am looking forward to watching that dream take shape.  I would LOVE to be living on Nantucket Island, which is my ultimate dream, but perhaps I’ll save that for my 10 year goal.


SMA: What song would you have as your theme song?
K.P.: This is without a doubt the hardest question yet.  I love music, and grew up listening to everything from Dave Brubeck to Frank Zappa.  Depending on my mood, I suppose my theme song would be Night in Tunisia by Dizzy Gillespie (for the jazzy days), Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, by Daft Punk (when I’m having a busy busy busy day), and I guess If She Wants Me by Belle and Sebastian (for those day-dreaming kind of days).


SMA:  Do you have any secret talents?
K.P.: Probably, but if I do they are a secret to me as well.  I like to paint, and write, but I wouldn’t yet call it a talent.


SMA: Who do you admire the most, and why?
K.P.: Frank Zappa.  He was an absolute individual without being histrionic.  He was a musical genius, who spent his life perfecting his craft with no regard as to how he would benefit financially. I admire anyone who has the genius and fortitude to stand on the fringe of society when ‘the fringe’ is more closely aligned with their authenticity.


SMA: If you had a time machine, where is the first place would you travel?
K.P.: I’d like to jump into the future and visit my son Aiden as an adult – on the off chance that won’t happen in my natural timeline.  Then I’d head back to Florence, Italy during the Renaissance.


SMA: Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled to, and why was it so cool?
K.P.: In my last job, I was afforded the opportunity to travel to Rotterdam, NL for 3 weeks in order to have a ‘meeting of the minds’ with our EU colleagues.  It was an amazing experience, as I was living out of an apartment in a modern European city which was almost entirely rebuilt after World War II.  I was able to travel around the Netherlands during the trip (Utrecht and Den Haag), as well as Brussels Belgium, and even Stockholm, Sweden for the weekend.  It was absolutely amazing to have that experience, and live in an apartment instead of a hotel.  I felt completely immersed in the culture, and really look forward to traveling back to the Netherlands again!


SMA: What is your favorite movie?
K.P.: I’m a massive fan of any Wes Anderson film.  My favorite, is probably the Darjeeling Limited.

THANKS Kailen, for sharing your answers with us!  Stay tuned — YOU may be our next Spotlight Student!


It’s Calorie-Crushing, Energetic, and Back by Popular Demand! Cardio Kickboxing at Dojo Fairfield


This week we brought it back!

That’s right … we brought the BEST heart-pounding, body rockin’ cardio kickboxing program Fairfield County has ever seen!


Not only that – but we’ve posed a 60 Day Challenge  which GUARANTEES that you will lose at least 10 lbs. in your first 60 days of training!

How are we convinced this will work? Master Dan has 16 years of experience and training, and he’s bringing it ALL to the table… boxing, kickboxing, body weight training, and H.I.T. training.

Need more convincing? Try it out for yourself! It’s only $10 to try out a class. We have classes Monday at 6am, Wednesday at 9:30am, and Friday at 9:30am. Call us at (203) 319-9989, or send an email in order to reserve your spot on the mat!

We’re also looking to add evening classes as well, so STAY TUNED for an email with a link to a survey, which will help us determine which time with work best.

We’ll see YOU on the mat, and on the road to all your fitness goals…. assuming you’re up for the CHALLENGE!