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“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”  – Eric Thomas



Black Belt Pre-Test – Next Friday at 6pm

black belt test June 2012Our Black Belt Pre-Test will be next Friday, May 3rd at 6pm sharp!  All Black Belt candidates who intend to test in June MUST report to the dojo for the Pre-Test in order to determine whether or not you are able to proceed with the June test.  The Pre-Test should take approximately one hour, and will include a demonstration of all the required Black Belt testing material.  Candidates will be evaluated by a panel of current Black Belts with whom they will be testing.


April Testing – Congratulations to our Participants!

We had an AMAZING set of tests last night, which left our karate students brimming with pride and our adult kickboxers in awe of their accomplishments — Just the way we like it!  Well done, everyone!


Karate Test
Luke R. – White/Yellow Belt
Enzo J. – White/Orange Belt
Monica C. – Orange Belt
Jackson M. – Purple Belt
Mihaela S. – Purple Belt
Valeriu S. – Purple Belt
Alexis M. – Purple Belt
Evelisse A. – Purple Belt
Liam L. – Blue Stripe Belt
Justin C. – Brown II Belt


photo-11 photo-10

Kickboxing Test
Ashley G. – Yellow Belt
Christina T. – Yellow Belt
Sahab A. – Yellow Belt
Alicia P. – Purple Belt
Jaime C. – Blue Belt
Joe D. – Brown II Belt
Claudia P. – Brown Belt
Jan B. – Bo-Black Belt

GREAT work!  If it’s your rotation to test next month, be sure to get your classes in!  We look forward to seeing you achieve your next rank!


Stryker Martial Arts Welcomes our Newest Students!

Black Belt is a White Belt who Never Quit!

Black Belt is a White Belt who Never Quit!


A heart-felt welcome to the NEWEST members of our SMA Community! You’ve likely seen them around the Fairfield, CT dojo… at your next class, be sure to introduce yourself and make sure the newest students feel at home on the mat. Remember, a Black Belt is a White Belt who never quit!


SMA’s Newest Students

Kenny F.
Mariel F.
Zion J.


We look forward to training with you on the mat!


**Do YOU know anyone who could benefit from training in the martial arts?  Invite them to join our program!

“The training my son has received thus far has definitely given him a great deal of confidence.  His body has changed physically which mentally makes him feel better about himself.  He feels stronger now and he always looks forward to coming to class and doing the best he can.  Of course, he enjoys doing the workout with all his friends he has met at Stryker Martial Arts!  THANK YOU!” – Jayne Y.


They’re Strong… They’re Committed… They Are the NEWEST Members of our Black Belt Club!


We’ve had 4 students accepted into our Black Belt Club!  They’ve already started contributing to this awesome program, and have exhibited the skill and determination to succeed.  Be sure to give them a high five and ‘congratulations’ the next time you see them in class


SMA’s Newest Black Belt Club MembersBBC

Ashely G.
Christina T.
Enzo J.
Sahab A.

Congratulations on making the commitment to further your training!  We’re looking forward to the next leg of your martial arts journey.


Our Black Belt Club program is invitation-only.  If you’re interested in finding out if you have what it takes to join the ranks of this elite group of martial artists, email us today!

“This class is more than a kickboxing program – it is an art.  It brings your mind and body together as you gain strength, power, and agility.  A true rush!” – Jasmine R.


Spotlight on Our Kickboxing Student – Eric N.


We may have grown to know each other on the mat, but how well do you really know the members of our awesome martial arts community? We took the opportunity to sit down with one of our Bo-Black students – Eric N. – in order to gain some insight into his life both on and off the mat.



SMA: How long have you been training at Stryker Martial Arts?
Eric N.: Almost 4 years

SMA: What have you experienced as a benefit of training in our Black Belt Club?
Eric N.: The obvious benefit is learning great self-defense techniques that dramatically add to your training.  The not so obvious benefit is the understanding of how the body folds and why some techniques just work.  To me, those are fundamentals that you can apply to various situations.

SMA: What does your life consist of off the mat?
Eric N.: Off the mat, I am a business analyst at a large hedge fund in Connecticut.  My job is extremely difficult to explain, so most of my family and friends assume I work for a clandestine branch of the government.

SMA: How has your martial arts training served you off the mat?photo-13
Eric N.: Off the mat, my martial arts has benefitted me in numerous ways.  In class, we train to overcome the voice in your head telling you to quit.  Getting through that barrier makes you realize your full potential and so it’s given me a high degree of confidence particularly in very challenging situations that at first seem insurmountable.  I’ve also learned that in life, as in the dojo, in order to grow you need to constantly challenge and demand more of yourself.  The way I act and think now is materially different than when i started 4 years ago!

SMA: What is your favorite food?
Eric N.: Japanese curry

SMA: What would you have as your theme song?
Eric N.: That song from the water level in the original Super Mario Brothers game.  (Naturally, despite our love of video games, we at SMA had to look this song up.  Click here to hear it!)

SMA: You’re stranded all alone on a remote tropical island.  What are three things from your current life that you would miss the most?
Eric N.: I would miss my beautiful wife, my wonderful son, and one of my two dogs.

SMA: What is your ‘go to’ move?
Eric N.: 2 quick pivot elbows to the face

SMA: Do you have any secret talents?
Eric N.: I’m actually a very good pool player.  Bit out of practice, though.

SMA: Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled to, and why was it so cool?
Eric N.:  Tokyo.  I traveled there when I was 10 and it was the first time I ever left the country.  For me, it was an eye opening experience to see how radically different the cultures were – a combination of modern technology and old traditions.  What I found most remarkable was how everything was treated with so much respect, unlike what I would see growing up in New York City.


THANK YOU Eric, for taking the time to share your answers with us!  Stay tuned – YOU may be our next Spotlight Student!


We LOVE Student Referrals! Who Do YOU Want to See Training Beside You on the MAT at our Fairfield CT Dojo?


A special thanks to Kenia R. for referring one of our newest students – Zion!

Did you know that by sharing your martial arts experience with a friend or family member can actually benefit YOU? In fact, when you share your practice with someone you know, you not only have someone who can fully relate to your experience, but also someone who can help hold you accountable?

This quite often translates into BETTER RESULTS!

As a student, you’re also able to VIP a friend. Just pick up a card at your next class, or give us a call at (203) 319-9989.

So who are YOU inviting onto the mat?