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“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy



Yesterday Was Our FAVORITE Day of the Month – Testing!

We had two amazing tests last night for our karate and kickboxing students at our Fairfield, CT dojo!  Confident students enthusiastically completed their testing requirements, while their proud parents and supporters cheered them on from the sidelines — and we were very happy to be a part of it!

kids kicks


Karate Test
Kyle R. – Yellow Belt
Lily C. – Orange Belt
Cesar G. – Orange Belt
Matthew M. – Purple Belt
Valentina B. – Blue Stripe Belt
Luca F. – Green Belt
Aniruddha M. – Brown Belt
Rebecca T. – Brown II Belt
Allyson C. – Brown III Belt

adult testing

Kickboxing Test
Jay M. – Yellow Belt (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)
Maya T. – Orange Belt
Val S. – Purple Belt
Lisa B. – Green Belt
Sheila C. – Bo-Black Belt
Amy F. – Bo-Black Belt
Melinda L. – Bo-Black Belt

Bo-Black Stripes
Nikki C.
Senja F.
Dan G.
Sarah L.
Eric N.
Kristin V.

Excellent job everyone!  If it’s YOUR rotation to test next month, be sure to get your classes in!

New Students!

You’ve likely seen them around the Fairfield, CT dojo … if you haven’t done so already, be sure to extend a friendly welcome to the following white belts who have joined the Stryker Martial Arts Community!

Black Belt is a White Belt who Never Quit!

Black Belt is a White Belt who Never Quit!

SMA’s Newest Students
Jennifer D.
Maryam N.

Welcome to our martial arts community!  We look forward to working with you all on the mat!


**Do you know anyone who can benefit from training in the martial arts?  Invite them to join our program!

“The training my son has received thus far has definitely given him a great deal of confidence.  His body has changed physically which mentally makes him feel better about himself.  He feels stronger now and he always looks forward to coming to class and doing the best he can.  Of course, he enjoys doing the workout with all his friends he has met at Stryker Martial Arts!  THANK YOU!” – Jayne Y.


Lookout – We Have Some NEW Black Belt Club Members!

We’ve had 4 new students accepted into our Black Belt Club!  They’ve already started contributing to this program.  Be sure to give them a high five the next time you see them in class!





Newest Black Belt Club Members
Jay M.
Alicia P.
Kyle R.
Joshua R.

Congratulations on making the commitment to your training.  We’re looking forward to the next leg of your martial arts journey!


Our Black Belt Club program is invitation-only.  If you’re interested in finding out if you have what it takes to join the ranks of this elite group of martial artists, email us today!

“This class is more than a kickboxing program – it is an art.  It brings your mind and body together as you gain strength, power, and agility.  A true rush!”  – Jasmine R.


Spotlight on Our Kickboxing Student – Andrew G.

We may have grown to know each other on the mat, but how well do you really know the members of our Fairfield, CT SMA community?  We took the opportunity to sit down with one of our 2nd Degree Black Belts – Andrew G. – for a quick insight into his life both on and off the mat.


SMA: How long have you been training at Stryker Martial Arts?
AG: Almost a decade

SMA: How did you first get started?
AG: When I was 6 or 7, my friend got my into it.  My friend’s not taking class anymore, but I’m still going strong.

SMA: What does the term Martial Arts mean to you?
AG: Martial Arts in and of itself I think is a lifestyle, and once you learn to accept it, it starts to take over and you begin to see it in your life off the mat.  I notice this in football.  I never played until Freshman year, and I just kept going and trying harder.  I began to see that I was passing many of the kids who started playing in PeeWee, so perseverance played a big role.

SMA: What has been the most memorable moment of your training?
AG: Probably getting my 2nd Degree Black belt, since it was a huge milestone.

SMA: What does your life consist of off the mat?
AG: High School, football (not in season right now, but I’m working out, running and lifting), and coming here to SMA.  I’m in 10th grade.

SMA: How has your martial arts training served you off the mat?
AG: In school, I’m able to pay attention in class a lot more. I’m not acting as many of my friends do in class.  If I hadn’t taken martial arts, I don’t know where I would be in my life today…  Probably going to extremes.

SMA: What is your definition of a Black Belt Attitude?
AG: Being very very committed, and able to persevere through tough situations.   Having a lot of self-control.

SMA: What is your favorite food?
AG: Buffalo wings – both mild and spicy.

SMA: You’re stranded alone on a remote tropical island.  What are 3 things that you’d miss the most from your current life?
AG: My family, my friends, football.  Everything associated with football.

SMA: You’re on the same remote island, and you find yourself attacked by a giant unruly crab.  What’s your go-to move?
AG: If there’s a giant crab, my go-to move would be to RUN… and hopefully the crab is not fast.   I would find a good place to hide, think about it, and then cross that bridge when I get there.

SMA: What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?
AG: Hopefully college.  I hope to study business and marketing.  I have decent grades in school, so hopefully it’ll get me into a good college.  I guess UConn would be my number one choice.

SMA: What song would you have as your theme song?
AG: I would pick ‘Out of my head‘ by Daughtry, because a couple months ago I went to a Daughtry concert where they played that song and it was absolutely amazing.

SMA: Do you have any secret talents?
AG: Yes, I can sing very well and play guitar.

SMA: If you had a time machine, where is the first place you would travel?
AG: I’d like to go back in history to when my father or grandfather was a child.  Because from the stories they tell me, they lived their lives a lot differently from the way I live mine – a lot more activities and less computers and video games.  That would be really fun.  There are a lot of biking stories I’ve heard from my dad.


THANK YOU Andrew, for taking the time to share your answers with us!  Stay tuned … You may be our next Spotlight Student!

REMINDER: No Classes Tonight or Tomorrow, in Observance of the Easter Holiday

The dojo may be closed, but Ms. Kailen and Ms. Kristin created a fun little SMA Circuit workout to keep you in tip top shape!

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Above all, martial arts is experiential, and can best be understood by participating in a class.

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