Quote of the Week

“People who write about spring training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball”Sandy Koufax

While it seems obvious, we often forget that the energy you put into your training directly influences the end result!  Games are not won on the field, but rather during the extra hours of practice that were spent during training – perfecting plays, and ironing out the weaknesses.

Likewise, your Black Belt is not the reward for successfully completing the test, but rather the acknowledgement of the hard work, dedication and perseverance that was expended during your training as a whole.  Sometimes you will experience a great class while others may prove frustrating, but both will elicit valuable feedback which can be used to your benefit.

So whether you’re looking to achieve a Black Belt, master a new subject in school, or paint a masterpiece, remember that each time you train, study, or touch your brush to the canvas you are actively improving the end result.

See you on the mat!

Welcome to Our Newest White Belts!

You may have seen them on  the mat in our Fairfield, CT dojo already, and hopefully you’ve given them a heart-felt ‘hello’!  We’re pleased to welcome our newest students into the Stryker Martial Arts Community.

Black Belt is a White Belt who Never Quit!


SMA’s Newest Students
Nathan C.
Luke R.
Christina T.
Michael T.

Be sure to introduce yourself at your next class!


**Do you know anyone who can benefit from training in the martial arts?  Invite them to join our program!

“The training my son has received thus far has definitely given him a great deal of confidence.  His body has changed physically which mentally makes him feel better about himself.  He feels stronger now and he always looks forward to coming to class and doing the best that he can.  Of course, he enjoys doing the workout with all his friends he has met at Stryker Martial Arts!  THANK YOU!” – Jayne Y.

They’re STRONG!  They’re COMMITTED!  They’re our Newest Black Belt Club Members!

We have 3 Students who were recently accepted to join the ranks of our Black Belt Club!  Be sure to extend your congratulations to these folks!

Newest Black Belt Club Members

Rose A.
Jaime C.
Maya’Lani J.


Congratulations for making the commitment to your training.  We look forward to the next leg of your Martial Arts journey!


Our Black Belt Club program is invitation-only.   If you’re interested in finding out if you have what it takes to join the ranks of this elite group of martial artists, email us today!

“This class is more than a kickboxing program – it is an art.  It brings your mind and body together as you gain strength, power and agility.  A true rush!” – Jasmine R.


Spotlight on Our Family Class – Wednesdays at 6PM

One of our favorite classes during the week is our family class (although we admit, that’s almost like saying you have a favorite child).  In this 45 minute session, both parents and their young karate students interact together on the mat and learn new techniques which they can easily practice in the comforts of their home.

The goal of our karate program has never been to create a multitude of martial arts prodigies in Fairfield County, CT.  Rather, we are interested in instilling confidence in our students as well as reinforcing behaviors which will serve them in the future (as well as make your life easier, as a parent!).  Our family class offers the opportunity for both parent and child to go through this training process together, and we couldn’t be happier with the success stories we’ve received since the inception of this class last year.

This class is open to all karate students!  If your child is a current student and you’re interested in joining us for this class on Wednesdays at 6pm, you will simply need to purchase a uniform.  We look forward to many more success stories throughout 2013!


“Our favorite class is the family class.  My son and I have both learned a lot from this class.  Master Dan involves the parents in the training, and you get to see firsthand how your child is doing…  Master Dan gives each student homework and expects feedback on how they are doing, if they are listening to their parents and if they listen to directions.  I like this because families too seldom do not have an outside person with authority talking to their children and telling them how they should act… Liam has shown improvement in self-control and attention to detail.  It is apparent that Master Dan has tons of experience in both karate and in teaching.” – Bill L.

Testing – Thursday March 28th

Our next test will be held on Thursday March 28th!  There will be no regularly scheduled classes on testing day.

Our karate test will begin at 6pm.  Only students who are testing for their next rank may participate.
Our kickboxing test will begin at 7:15pm.  No unsupervised kids are allowed during the kickboxing test.

White Belt kids need both a minimum of 1 month of training and 8 stripes to test.
White Belt adults need both a minimum of 2 months of training and 16 stripes to test.

Yellow Belt through Purple Belt need both a minimum of 2 months of training and 16 stripes to test.

Blue Belt through Brown Belt need both a minimum of 3 months of training and 24 stripes to test.

Bo-Black Belts need a total of 12 classes to test for a progress stripe.

Be sure to plan out your classes in advance and earn your stripes!


The Waiting List is Approaching – Don’t Miss Out on Your Opportunity to Train With Us at our Fairfield, CT Dojo!

Martial Arts training is NOT about punching and kicking. It is about growing and developing in all facets of life. It’s about working at 100% of your capacity, and challenging your thresholds.

Above all, martial arts is experiential, and can best be understood by participating in a class.

In order to experience our program for yourself, click on the link above and we’ll help you get started.

Let us help you discover what you’re made of!