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“The difference between school and life?  In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test.  In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.”

Tom Bodett


It’s Our Favorite Day of the Month – Testing Day!

Last night was our FIRST test at our new school. Through the mix of nervous energy and excitement, our students performed extremely well and earned their newest ranks.

Congratulations to everyone who tested!










Karate Test
Ian B. – White/Yellow Belt
Noah B. – White/Yellow Belt
Mihaela S. – Orange Belt
Valeriu S. – Orange Belt
John S. – Orange Belt
Mateo C. – Purple Belt
Erin H. – Brown III Belt














Kickboxing Test
Alicia P. – Orange Belt
Jaime C. – Purple Belt
Mark A. – Blue Stripe Belt
Gary K. – Brown II Belt
Virginia B. – Brown III Belt
Sarah T. – Bo-Black Belt



Be sure to make your classes and earn your stripes – and we’ll see YOU testing next month!


We Welcome our Newest Students!

Black Belt is a White Belt who Never Quit!

A Black Belt is a White Belt who Never Quit!


SMA’S Newest Students
John M.
Noah B.
Ian B.
Kyle R.
Ashley G.
Ellie B.
Joshua R.
Jackson M.
Sahab A.




We all remember how it feels to be a white belt – so let’s support our newest members and make them feel a part of our great Stryker Martial Arts Community!

And a WELCOME BACK to 3 former students: Bill H., Virginia B., and Shelley C.!  We’re excited to have you guys back on the mat, and look forward to continuing your training.

** Do you know anyone who can benefit training in the martial arts?  Invite them to join our program!  Simply have them call us at (203) 319-9989, or email us in order to setup their first class.



New Students Have Joined the Ranks of Our Black Belt Club!

They’ve made a commitment to their training, and have already started to contribute to this exciting program! We’d like to congratulate the following students for being accepted into our Black Belt Club program.



Congratulations to:

Mark A.
Evelisse A.
Lisa B.
Liam L.
Alexis M.


Our Black Belt Club program is invitation-only. If you’re interested in finding out if you have what it takes to join this elite group of martial artists,  email us today.


SMA Logo Bags – Deadline for Pre-Order Extended until Tomorrow!











We’ve had a number of students take advantage of this pre-order special already, and decided to extend the offer through Saturday. The bag is $65, or $75 if you’d like to include personalization.

If you’re on the fence, this is your last opportunity to purchase a SMA Logo bag!  We are not ordering extra, and do not anticipate running another pre-order until the summer.  Contact a staff member in order to get on our pre-order list.  Your order is confirmed with your payment.


The Waiting List is Approaching – Don’t Miss Out on Your Opportunity to Train With Us!

Martial Arts training is NOT about punching and kicking. It is about growing and developing in all facets of life.  It’s about working at 100% of your capacity, and challenging your thresholds. Above all, martial arts is experiential, and cannot fully be described with words.

In order to experience our program for yourself, click on the link above and we’ll help you setup your first class.

Let us help you discover what you’re made of!