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“I want every day to be a fresh start on expanding what is possible.”
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Last night was the last test in our Post Road location in Fairfield, CT!

Poised, confident students and parents brimming with pride … That’s right, it’s testing!  We had a fabulous turnout of students and supporters at our karate and kickboxing tests last night.  GREAT JOB to everyone who tested.  Wear your new belt proudly!

Karate Test

Caroline C. – Yellow Belt
Evelisse A. – Orange Belt
Matt M. – Orange Belt
Julian K. – Purple Belt
Liam L. – Blue Belt
Tyler C. – Blue Belt
Ahmad F. – Blue Stripe Belt
Naia K. – Blue Stripe Belt
Aiden N. – Green Belt
Eleanor J. – Green Stripe Belt
Sonia C. – Brown Belt
Rebecca T. – Brown Belt
Justin C. – Brown Belt
Luke R. – Brown II Belt
Allyson C. – Brown II Belt

Kickboxing Test

Eve K. – Yellow Belt
Val S. – Orange Belt
Anne C. – Blue Stripe Belt
Tania R. – Green Belt
Claudia P. – Green Stripe Belt
Joe D. – Brown Belt
Siobhan C. – Brown II Belt
Jan B. – Brown III Belt
Senja K. – Bo-Black Belt


The support of our students and parents at testing last night, made for a great start to 2013.  THANK YOU for making the SMA Community, one to be proud of!


SMA Welcomes Our Newest Students!


Be sure to introduce yourself to our newest white-belts!

We’d like to welcome Maya’Lani J. and Chris B. to the Stryker Martial Arts Community!


As we always say, the hardest step is often walking through the door and beginning something new.  Thankfully we have a supportive group of students at our dojo in Fairfield, CT to make this process easier on the nerves. In your next class, be sure to introduce yourself to our newest students and show them what the SMA Community is all about!

Would you like to join a community of people dedicated to their personal growth and development?

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We’ve Invited Six New Students to Join Our Black Belt Club!


Be sure to congratulate the following students for making the commitment to their training, by joining the ranks of our Black Belt Club!


Congratulations to:

  • Valentina B.
  • Mateo C.
  • Cesar G.
  • Mihaela S.
  • Valeriu S.
  • Monica C.

We look forward to helping you meet your martial arts goals!

Click Here for more information on the benefits of training in our Black Belt Club.






In only a few days, we will be saying farewell to our Post Road location, and ‘HELLO!” to our new location at 2317 Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield, CT.

While it’s only a few miles away from our current school, our new dojo is a home that any world-class martial artist would envy.
Master Dan has truly made this the school of his dreams, and we’re excited to share this space with our community of martial artists!

Unsure of how to get there?  Then check out this video, where Master Dan literally drives from the Post Road location, to the new school.


We are thrilled to begin training, and look forward to seeing everyone there on February 4th!  Be sure to follow our new schedule!


The Waiting List is About To Start!

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