Quote of the Week

“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.”


We’re Gearing Up for Testing!

If it’s YOUR rotation, get your stripes in and invite your supporters

Next Thursday – December 20th – marks the last monthly test of 2012!  Some quick house-keeping reminders about testing:



  • Be sure to get on the list!
  • Karate Test for Yellow-Brown III belt is at 6pm.
  • Only kids who are testing will be allowed to participate.
  • Kickboxing Test begins at 7:15pm.
  • Kickboxers may take the class at 7:15pm.
  • NO unsupervised kids are allowed at the kickboxing test.
  • If you’re unsure about whether or not you’re eligible to test, be sure to look here for rank requirements.

While the staff at Stryker Martial Arts is always here to support you in your martial arts training, it’s important to receive that encouragement off the mat as well. 

Who are YOU inviting to cheer you or your child on at testing?  

Let’s end the year with a packed house of supporters – comprised of students, family, and friends!  You’ve worked hard, and you deserve the opportunity to show off a little.  

The adrenaline circle. YIKES!


Our Black Belt Test will take place on Saturday December 22nd.

Bo-Black students testing for Black Belt need to report to the school by 1pm.  Current Black Belts going for progress stripes or degrees of Black Belt need to report to the school at noon.

The Black Belt test is a LONG day of forms, techniques, and dynamic drills.  We encourage students to stop in and show their support to those testing!





SMA Welcomes Our Newest Student!

Be sure to introduce yourself to our newest white-belt!

We’d like to welcome Jaden J. and his family to the Stryker Martial Arts Community!  As we always say, the hardest step is often simply walking through the door of our Fairfield, CT dojo and beginning something new.  Thank goodness we have a supportive group of students to make this process easier on the nerves.

In your next class, be sure to introduce yourself to our newest student (and his parents) and show them what the SMA Community is all about!

Would you like to join a community of people dedicated to their personal growth and development?

“As a woman, I think your program provides a unique opportunity to break from gender stereotypes.  When you train, it’s not only about losing weight and looking great, but it’s also about getting stronger and faster…”

How will our program benefit YOUR life?  

Click Here and send us an email for more information, and experience for yourself the benefits of training in the martial arts.


Tons of Fun at our SMA Movie Night!

Our students socialized and enjoyed a fun night with their karate friends! 

We had a packed house at our movie night last Saturday (December 8th) — and it was a GREAT event!  

Gearing up for some karate drills at our December 8th Movie Night



The younger kids had the opportunity to socialize outside of karate lessons, while the older students further developed  leadership skills which will benefit them throughout their lives.




A little friendly competition










Our participants engaged in fun karate drills, made a cool holiday ornament (while reflecting on things they’re thankful for), ate some pizza, and relaxed to watch Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (which they thoroughly enjoyed!).



A fun holiday craft for the kids
Enjoying the movie, in the Power Position!













We’re pleased to offer events like this, to help provide a little support for parents, as well as a safe social outlet for the kids.  It’s truly a win-win situation!  

Stay tuned for information on our next movie night, and be sure to get on the list early in order to secure your child’s spot.

New Year’s Resolutions are Coming (including the usual resolve to lose weight and get healthy).  

We have the PERFECT program  to make 2013 the year you ACHIEVE your resolution!


Don’t let everyone else have all the fun!  Take advantage of our Beginner Trial in order to see if training in the martial arts is right for you and your family!  Email Us today, in order to get started!