Quote of the Week

“Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.”


SMA  Welcomes Our Newest Black Belt Club Members! 

Making the Commitment to their Health and Well-being


Congratulations to Val S. and John S. who have made the commitment to Black Belt by joining our Black Belt Club at our Fairfield, CT dojo! 

We’re excited to continue onto the next level of your training, and help you achieve all your martial arts and fitness goals!

Do you have any successes that you’d like to share with the SMA community?  Have you run your first 5k, lost weight, or has your child made the honor roll?  Let us know!  We’d love to help celebrate this achievement.

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“My kids have developed a sense of physical and mental confidence from their karate classes.  I have seen them gain a sense of grace and sharpness to their movements.  I also see a sense of accomplishment on their faces – they are learning to have pride in hard work they do both in Karate and in life.  I know that they will carry their training from the Stryker Karate program into their futures.” 

Increased confidence is one of the many benefits of training in the martial arts.  Click Here and send us an email for more information and let us team up to bring out your child’s confidence and self-discipline. 


We Didn’t Hit the Powerball, But We Still Have Winners!

Students earn their newest rank during our November test!

We enjoyed a GREAT test last night at our dojo in Fairfield, CT!  Congratulations to everyone who earned their newest rank.  

This time of year is often riddled with excuses and competing events.  The fact that you placed an emphasis on your training is commendable.  Celebrate your success – you’ve certainly earned it!





Karate Test

Alexis M. – Yellow Belt

Justin C. – Green Stripe Belt

Mehul J. – Brown I Belt

Allyson C. – Brown I Belt

Kickboxing Test

Alicia P. – Yellow Belt

Val S. – Yellow Belt

Maya T. – Yellow Belt

Jaime C. – Orange Belt

Ally K. – Orange Belt





Diane P. – Orange Belt

Kathryn P. – Orange Belt

Mark A. – Blue Belt

Sheila C.- Brown III Belt

Amy F. – Brown III Belt


Kickboxing Bo- Black Stripes

Erin F.

Darcy F.

Eric N.

Ria R.

Claire W.

Max M.

Lynn M.


Would you like to join a community of people dedicated to their personal growth and development?

“As a woman, I think your program provides a unique opportunity to break from gender stereotypes.  When you train, it’s not only about losing weight and looking great, but it’s also about getting stronger and faster…”

How will our program benefit YOUR life?  

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Parents: Holiday Shopping Opportunity – December 8th

Drop the Kids off for Pizza, Karate, and a Movie, While You Shop, Gift-Wrap, or Relax!

Time is running out!  Have you completed your holiday shopping and gift wrapping?  How about a nice quiet dinner?  Imagine what you can accomplish with 3 full hours to yourself!

Don’t miss out on this fun event!  

We are hosting a Movie Night for kids, in order to provide parents with an opportunity to make some progress with their holiday shopping (or simply an opportunity for parents to have a few hours sans children)!

We will be showing Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted


When: Saturday December 8th from 4pm-7pm

Cost: $20 for three hours!  (It’s cheaper than a baby-sitter!)

Movie Night will Include:

  • Mini Karate lesson
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Pizza and Water
  • Movie

SMA Movie Nights have been extremely popular in the past, and we recommend getting on the list early in order to guarantee a spot.  This event is open to students and non-students.  Your child is welcome to bring a friend or sibling who doesn’t train at SMA, provided that there is enough space.

We are limiting participation to 20 kids!  Email Kailen to get on the list, or See Ms. Kristin or Ms. Sarah in the school!  Your space is reserved with your payment.

Are you ready to Gain Confidence, Lose Weight, or Want to Help Your Child Develop the Skills to Live Life Bully-Free?

Then You’re Ready to Join the Community!


Don’t let everyone else have all the fun!  Take advantage of our Beginner Trial in order to see if training in the martial arts is right for you and your family!  Email Us today, in order to get started!