Welcome to the Community!

CAGE FITNESS: Ready to try out a Cage Fitness class?  It’s easy!  Simply review the schedule, and drop in for a class.  Be sure to wear something comfortable for the class, and bring both water and a towel!

MARTIAL ARTS: We’re excited to help you begin your martial arts journey at Dojo Fairfield!  Martial Arts training can be intimidating at first, but we’re here to make the process as painless as possible…. after all, we remember being a white-belt too!

Now the fun stuff… getting you set up in our adult kickboxing or youth karate program.

Here are the next steps:
Step 1)
Take a look at the schedule and find the classes that will work well for your training.

Step 2)
Click the link below in order to sign up for our KickStart Special, which includes 2 weeks (4 classes) of training PLUS a uniform for youth karate students or a t-shirt for adult kickboxing students.

Step 3)
We will respond to your request as soon as possible (usually within a few hours), and will get you setup with your first class.
We look forward to seeing you on the mat, and welcoming you into the Dojo Fairfield community! In the meantime, check out our Facebook PageYouTube Channel, and blog, in order to find a wealth of information about the school.

All questions will be answered during your first lesson.  However, if you have any pressing questions before then, you can give us a call at (203) 319-9989, or email us.

See you on the mat!
The Dojo Fairfield Team