Hey, it’s Kailen –

I’d like to send a warm welcome to our new Stryker Martial Arts Students from the month of October!

October New Students:
Susan V.
Nikki O.
Hank M.
Ian L.
Harrison B.
James K.
Yvonne D.
Athena B.
Jazmin A.
Aaron A.
Camrin D.
Joseph C.
Patrick C.

Welcome to the community!

As the colder weather approaches I know that I tend to turn to the primal instinct of gathering nuts and berries in order to have sufficient nutrients for my winter hibernation. Or rather, in real world terms, I tend to eat a lot of unnecessary calories in anticipation of a looming ice-age which never materializes.

This year I challenge you all to stick to your SMA workout schedule, be it twice or three times per week. I know that although I’ll certainly strive for moderation with my empty calories throughout the gauntlet of holidays approaching, I’ll likely slip up a bit here and there. My secret weapon to ensure that my slip ups don’t become massive landslides (been there, done that!) will be my commitment to showing up to class each week. Hope to see you there!