Our Merit Badge System is one of our best retention tools to keep your kids motivated and loving Karate! Every month our BBC kids will have an opportunity to earn the monthly badge. Students may ‘test’ for their badge at the end of every Black Belt Club class. Should they complete the task according to the standards below, they will earn their badge. If he or she does not complete the task according to standards, they will have an opportunity to test again during their next Black Belt Club class. All badges are earned at the sole discretion of the instructor.

First Badge Black Belt Club Black Belt Club Receive This Badge
When Enrolling on Our
Black Belt Club
Monthly Badges: Badge: Achievement: Standards:
30 Belt Tying Belt Tied Correctly
By Dojo Fairfield Standards

03 Blocking Set Blocks 1-8
Correct Order and Form
Strong Blocks
15 Flying Side Kick Over Waist-High Target
Using Correct Form
16 Stance Set Ability to Perform All
Required Stances
Attention, Ready, Power Position,
Half-Moon, Cat, Leaning, Horse
60 Student Creed Recite the Student Creed
from Memory
27 Stretching Perform Stretching Set
Straight Legs
Touching Toes
10 seconds
Breakfall Badge Break Fall  Safely Perform a Break Fall
35 Forward Roll Heels over Head
back kick Back Kick Correct Form
Must Hit Target
09 Backfist Strike Correct Form
Must Hit Target
07 Striking Set Ability to Perform All
Required Strikes
Front, Thrust, Hammer, Backfist
Palm-Heel, Tiger, Chicken Wrist,
Back 2 Knuckle, Elbows
horse stance Horse Stance Maintain Correct Form
1 Minute
The Following Badges are sewn on the Left Sleeve, Once Earned.
 63  10 Badges  Earn 10 Badges
64 20 Badges  Earn 20 Badges
65 30 Badges  Earn 30 Badges
62 Refer a Friend Earn 1 Badge for Every Friend
You Refer Who Enrolls On
Our Basic Program
gold-cheveon Completion of
1 year of training
1 year of training
gold-cheveon Completion of
3rd year of training
3 consecutive years of training
gold-cheveon Completion of
5th year of training
5 consecutive years of training
red-cheveon Completion of
10th year of training
10 consecutive years of training
All badges MUST be sewn on – NO IRON ON
BBC Badge goes on first – Left sleeve, even with the seam and centered on the crease
Merit Badges go on the right sleeve and must be in line with the seam and the crease
Chevrons go on the left sleeve directly under the BBC patch, centered on the crease – Point up
We’ve arranged a deal with Kapri Cleaners in the Trader Joe’s Plaza, who will sew badges for $3 each.  Let them know
you’re from Dojo Fairfield.