Supporting the Role of Parents in Fairfield CT

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“What makes Dojo Fairfield different than the other schools in the area?”

Kids learn Respect, Self-Control, Self-Discipline, Commitment, Perseverance… All in a Fun and Safe Environment! Yes your child will learn how to punch and kick, but at Dojo Fairfield we’re committed to providing more than simple martial arts instruction – we’re committed to building character.  Our role is to support your role as a parent, and reinforcing the good behaviors you want to see in your child.

The bottom line is that we are here to support you – the parent.  We are parents ourselves and know the challenges parents face today because we are facing those same challenges.

The best part is…  we make it fun and safe.  No one is ever hit or kicked.  Why?  It’s simply not necessary.

“What are the benefits I can expect to see by my child participating in your Karate Program?”star student jan

Perhaps your child is involved in group sports, and is learning what it means to be a part of a team.  Alternatively, perhaps your child hasn’t quite found his or her footing on a team, and is looking to get involved in a solo activity.

Martial Arts training fills in the gaps for both scenarios above.  There is tremendous benefit to learning how to work on an organized team, such as soccer or basketball… however, if your child doesn’t get a lot of play time, the team achievement may not resonate as a success. Children in our program learn what it means to work together as a group in class – yet all achievements and belt promotions are done independently.  At Dojo Fairfield, your child will know what it means to work hard in order to achieve their new rank, and will develop goal-setting skills in the process.

And unlike group sports, No one is ever sitting on the sidelines.  There is very little downtime with our highly structured lesson plans and professional curriculum.

“When do kids usually start the martial arts?”

At Dojo Fairfield, we begin training students as young as 4.  While many students begin their martial arts journey between the ages of 4 and 6, we also have a distinct Juniors program for kids age 10 and over.  It’s never too late to begin training!

“Are your kids and adult classes separate?”

Yes.  We have separate adult classes and we have age specific classes for kids.  Therefore your child will be in with a group of kids that are of a similar age as they are.

Most families that train together wind up getting a considerable amount of value out of the program.  Because when a family trains together, the transition from the training floor to the home is easy and effortless.  This way, what we teach at the dojo gets directly translated and reinforced at home and the child’s behavior changes rapidly!  We offer a Family Plan with reduced tuition rates in order to accommodate families who train together.

See for yourself how our program will benefit your child.