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Our community has been lucky to have the support of two amazing martial arts instructors in our youth karate program – Sarah Larson and Kristin Veenema. For the past few years we have seen both Sarah and Kristin tirelessly work to ensure that our program meets the high standards we expect at Dojo Fairfield. Your children have reaped the benefit of their dedication and commitment to this art form — and it is with our highest esteem and gratitude that we announce that both Ms. Sarah and Ms. Kristin will no longer assume their roles as karate instructors at Dojo Fairfield.

As most of us know, Sarah has an 11-month old little boy at home that she would love to spend more quality time with as he begins to walk and explore. Sarah has spent most of her professional teaching career helping children in many different programs. We are extremely fortunate that Sarah chose to use her exceptional teaching skills at Dojo Fairfield. We are saddened to say that Sarah has resigned her position in order to focus on her other work commitments, and spend quality time with her family. Sarah’s resignation was effective July 31.


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Sarah will not be leaving us completely… She has a Black Belt to train for (December 2014!) and will be around from time-to-time to help fill in for karate classes – when she’s not chasing after her amazing son!

A few years ago Kristin had made a bold decision to leave her profession as an English teacher at Staples High School in Westport, and pursue other opportunities. Thankfully we were one of those opportunities. Over time, Kristin realized that her true love of teaching English hadn’t left her, and it was time to return to the teaching field full-time. Kristin has accepted a full-time teaching position in Stamford, and will no longer assume her role as an instructor at Dojo Fairfield – effective August 8th. We did not easily accept her resignation, but in the end it is far more important to us that she follows her heart, knowing that there will always be a spot for her at the head of the mat.

Kristin also will not be leaving us completely, though – you never really can! Kristin’s Black Belt attitude will keep her training here at Dojo Fairfield and, when time allows, she will be present to help our students train for their Black Belt.

We invite all of our students – past and present – to stop by the Dojo on Saturday August 23rd to wish Sarah and Kristin well in their new endeavors.

Unparalleled martial arts instruction has always been paramount at Dojo Fairfield.  Effectively immediately, you will notice some familiar faces on the mat. Karina Gramesty has already been instructing our adult students for years, and she is putting her second degree black belt (and black belt attitude) to good use in our karate classes. Our program director, Kailen Pirro, will also be present to assist during classes – and we can expect some regular appearances from Master Dan (just to keep everyone on their toes!). Karina and Kailen have had a strong presence in our adult community for the past 4 years, and are excited to get further acquainted with our karate students and parents!

We look forward to seeing you at the Dojo on Saturday August 23rd!


The Dojo Fairfield Team