Dear Parents:

Within the past few weeks we have had some questions, comments and concerns regarding the present culture here at Dojo Fairfield.
Kailen and I have worked very hard to create a culture here that involves participation, inclusion and community.  What we are learning is that we may have swung the “pendulum” too far and are now in the position that we need to begin a “swing” back toward the center.
We are committed to creating a positive experience for both adult and child, but in the end, we are martial arts school and we feel that we have, perhaps, lapsed in some areas.

There are a several issues that need to be addressed and it is our hope that you will all understand and accept the following decisions, as they are in place to create an experience that is positive for everyone that walks into our school:

1)  Please have your child in the school dressed and ready to participate in Karate at least five minutes before the start time.  We realize that many of you are rushing from Point A to Point B, and we appreciate that, but tardiness for class creates a distraction and disruption for those that arrived on time.  If you are going to be more than ten minutes late, please refrain from having your child participate in class – there is always another class.  In the end, it’ll create less stress for you and your child.

2) Parents are prohibited on the mat during class!  We are encouraged that you want to be engaged in your child’s activities, but we would appreciate you staying in the waiting area and watching your child on TV.  It has been our experience that the instructor’s authority is diminished while parents are giving their child direction of their own.  If you are concerned with your child’s performance or ability while they are the mat, please wait until the end of class and address it with either Kailen or myself at that time.  Or please feel free to call us or send us an email.  We are here to help!

3) Every child is different!  We make an extraordinary effort to make sure that each child that participates in our program feels confident, important and engaged.  Sometimes that involves us spending more time with one child than another.  We do have all kinds of kids here who have all kinds of requirements, some need more coaching than others and we would appreciate patience.  We respectfully ask that, as parents, you try to reserve judgement about a child or their performance.  All of the kids on the mat are trying very hard – and although it may not seem that way to you or your child, please know that showing empathy and patience is part of their martial arts journey here at
Dojo Fairfield.

4) Please refrain from eating anywhere in our school.  Kailen and I understand that you and/or your kids may get hungry during a class, so that being said, we would appreciate that if you absolutely have to eat, please do it outside our doors.

5) The noise level in the waiting area has become a concern to the instructors and a disruption and distraction to the ongoing class.  It makes us happy to see parents chatting and kids playing in the waiting area, it really does; however, if you could keep your conversations to a whisper and keep siblings at bay, we would be grateful.  If a child becomes awkwardly loud or disruptive, we will ask you to take them outside.

6) Testing day is one of our favorite days of the month!  It is a celebration of your child and their hard work!  We strongly encourage participation from the entire family, but we would like it to be about the kids on the mat testing for their new rank, not about ringing phones, conversations or disruptive behaviors on the mat.  We have had several parents address their concerns with us about behavior from people not testing.  It puts the staff in an awkward and unfortunate position.  We do not want to embarrass anyone or point fingers during this occasion, we leave it up to you to show restraint and politeness while on our mat.  Please place your phone on “Vibrate” or “Silent” while on our mat, if you need to talk – please whisper (or take your phone call outside the dojo) and please do not allow your children to run around or “carry on”.  If you feel that you cannot or will not honor our request, please do not come on the mat.

7) Please make sure your child enters the dojo with a fully intact and clean (free from stains or dirt) uniform.  We will no longer allow partial uniforms without belts on the mat. If your child participates in our Basic Program, please make sure that they are dressed in a full white gi (uniform) – white gi pants and white gi top with their belt.  If your child participates in our Black Belt Club (BBC) Program, they need to be in a full black gi (uniform) – black gi pants and black gi top with their belt.  Please do not use alternative pants.  We have, in stock, pants and gi tops for purchase, if you should need extras.

8) Please also do not have your child change in the waiting area.  If you must change upon your arrival at the school, we ask that you have your child change in the public restroom, which can be found down Hallway 2 – the key is to the left of our front door.

9) We ask that as the weather gets warmer and feet become bare, that you become more aware of clean feet.  Kailen and I are diligent about keeping the mat clean and disinfected; however, dirty feet make it more difficult.  You can find wipes in the last cubby and we ask that if your child’s feet have seen the grass, sand, or dirt, that you have them wipe off their feet before entering the dojo.

10) And finally, please read your emails from us!  We have limited ways to communicate with our community and email seems to be the one way that we know most-everybody has access to.  We, intentionally, limit the number of emails that we send, so when we send an email to you, there’s a reason.  We have had many instances when we have emailed closings, events and other topics and they went unnoticed by our community.We have made a private Facebook group for each of our programs and, if you’re on Facebook, we’d encourage you to join whichever ones you’d have interest in – we post topics specific to your program (Karate, Kickboxing, C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense, or Cage Fitness) or even things not related to us directly, but may offer
you some insight in many different facets of life.  As you know, we do text, but only when absolutely necessary.

So, as you can see, emails are the most effective method of communication.  Let us know if you haven’t been receiving them!  We realize that this is a long-winded list and a lot of information to take in, but we feel compelled to get it all out there so that we may ensure the best possible experience for everyone that attends classes here at Dojo Fairfield.

You all mean so-very much to Kailen and myself; we are grateful for every single person that walks through our door.  We, at no time, want anyone to feel slighted, ignored or that their needs are not being met.  We truly make our very best effort every day to make everyone feel
as though they belong here and that they are appreciated.  But again, we are a martial arts school and need to be sure that we keep intact certain protocols.  It is our hope that you understand this and are able to assist us.

As always, if you ever have any comments, questions or concerns, it is important to us that you find us and address them with us.  We have an open-door policy and encourage everyone to engage in constructive conversation with us.

Thank you,

Kailen and Karina