Students, including the staff, have invested countless hours of their lives and thousands of dollars towards their martial arts training at Dojo Fairfield.  We have never placed the retention of a student’s monthly tuition over the right thing to do for the staff, the school, and other students. Our students and staff matter to us.

We provide these rules and protocols as a way to ensure that we protect our students’ investment in themselves and their Dojo.  They answer many questions prospective students have and address several misconceptions regarding martial arts training.  They are they are the product of over 16 years of experience running martial arts schools.

Non-compliance may result in immediate dismissal from the school.


Your monthly tuition purchases you:

  • A superior martial arts experience.
  • A Professional Martial Arts education.
  • Access to a clean, world class training facility
  • A supportive staff here to aid you in your martial arts training
  • A professional 3rd party billing company to help with any billing issues you might have.
  • Student service: we are here, 100%, for the students on the mat.  Any decision the staff makes will be in the best interest of the Dojo as a whole, which includes our current students, the health of the program and the personal and professional well-being of the staff.  Our staff will never be reprimanded for sticking up for themselves or for the school.  Please address our staff with the same respect you wish to have for yourself.

Student Conduct

  • All students should be in uniform when they arrive at the school.  If for any reason you need to change, we have public restroom facilities for your use.  The bathroom on the mat is reserved for staff and emergency use only.
  • Support your teammates.  Cheer them on.  Everyone has obstacles and things they find difficult.  They don’t always match yours.  Therefore, you may not understand why they are struggling with certain things.  Just know they are and support them through it.
  • Support your Dojo.  If you ever have a question about a change in the program, a decision made, or any of the protocols, please see a staff member directly.  They will happily serve as the source for a clear explanation.  This process is much more effective than rumors, gossip, uninformed opinions, or second-hand information from other students.
  • Meet and greet.  If you don’t know someone, introduce yourself to them.  As a member of the Dojo Fairfield community, it is your job to help make everyone feel welcome.  After all, it is your school and they will be training alongside you.
  • Keep yourself and your uniform clean and odor free.  This includes the obvious but also includes excessive amounts of perfume or cologne.  Please be odor neutral, meaning you shouldn’t smell like anything.
  • Leave your personal issues in your car.  Your class provides an excellent opportunity to devote, at minimum, 45 minutes to yourself and your personal well-being.  Don’t cloud your experience and investment in yourself with issues from “the outside”.  This includes any issue you may have with a fellow student.  Please remember that we are all working towards the same goal regardless of differences.
  • Limit jewelry on the mat.  For everyone’s safety, which includes your own and the safety of the people you partner with during class, please remove all dangling earrings, watches, and bracelets.  Be aware that if you are wearing studs, the back of the earring could cut you and the stud could potentially be ripped out.  We will never ask someone to remove their wedding band, but all other rings must be removed.  If you are wearing a diamond, it must be turned towards your palm.
  • Store personal belongings in the viewing area. Cubbies are provided for your personal items, shoes, and any other clothing beyond your uniform, such as jacket.  If you wish to bring your belongings with you onto the mat, you may purchase a Dojo Fairfield duffle bag to hold them.  Duffle bags are kept along the wall by the entrance to the mat.
  • Keep all drinks off the mat.  To get the most out of your time on the mat, we suggest you wait until the end of class to get a drink of water.  If, however, for any reason you must get a drink during class, please step off the mat and do so in the viewing area.  Food should not be consumed in the Dojo.
  • Limit unsupervised children in the viewing area.  For our adult students who wish to bring their kids with them, and have them wait in the viewing area, this is ok every once in a while.  To ensure a superior martial arts experience for everyone, please do not do this on a regular basis.  Many of the topics we discuss during the adult class, along with some of the music, is inappropriate for kids to be hearing.

Parent Conduct

  • Support your child.  Every child is at his or her own stage of learning and development.  Skills and movements come easily to some children and are more challenging for others.  Like many sports, karate can look easy to do until you are actually on the mat and trying it.  The best way you can help your child learn the physical moves in karate is to offer a high-five when he or she finishes class and congratulate your child for being one class closer to the goal of their next rank.
  • Support your child’s instructors.  Our staff is highly trained, both in the martial arts and in Education.  They are fully committed to your child’s growth and development as well as to the Dojo.  It is our expectation that you will treat them with the respect and care that they show for you and your child.
  • Support the Dojo.  If you ever have a question about a change in the program, a decision made, or any of the protocols, please see a staff member directly.  They will happily serve as the source for a clear explanation.  This process is much more effective than rumors, gossip, uninformed opinions, or second-hand information from other students or parents.
  • Please ensure your child has used the restroom prior to class.  While we have a bathroom on the mat, it is meant for staff and emergency use only.  We appreciate your support in helping us keep the bathroom use reserved for those students who truly need to use it during class, rather than for those who are “inspired” to use it after they see one of their classmates do so!
  • Respect the experience of those around you in the viewing area.  The viewing area is provided for you to support your child by watching class.  Please keep personal conversations at a low volume and cell phone sounds off.  Sound traveling onto the mat can distract students and disrupt class.  Siblings are welcome in the Dojo, but please take them outside if they become disruptive.
  • Help us keep the viewing area clean.  We appreciate you picking up after yourself and keeping all food out of the Dojo.  Please be sensitive to the face that there may be children with food allergies entering and exciting the facility.

We truly thank you for participating and are committed to you receiving the maximum benefits from our program.  The monthly tuition you pay is a fraction of the value you will receive on an ongoing basis.  And the greatest benefit is that these are skills you or your child will have for the rest of your life!