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February Testing

Last week was our testing for the month of February, and it was AMAZING!  Our Bo-Black kids worked on the wrist grab (which is actually a wrist-lock).  Excellent job everyone!

2-25 test 2 2-25 test 3 2-25 test 4 2-25 test 5 2-25 test 6 2-25 test






























Karate Test
Melissa C. – Blue Stripe Belt
Nishka D. – Brown Belt
Annabella S. – Brown III Belt
Liam L. – Bo-Black Stripe
Justin C. – Bo-Black Stripe

Kickboxing Test
Amy S. – Orange Belt
Jay M. – Bo-Black Belt
Tami S. – Brown Belt
Alex D. – Bo-Black Stripe
Anne C. – Bo-Black Stripe

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Star Students for February!

Star Student!

Dojo Fairfield’s Star Student recognition for February is presented to the kickboxing and karate student who best represents our Black Belt Principles: Respect, Self-Control, Self-Discipline, Commitment, and Perseverance.

achintKarate Star Student for February- Achint G.

Our Star Karate Student for February 2016 is Achint!

Achint and his sister Abhayaa have been training with us since last fall. Even though he is still fairly new, he consistently goes out of his way to encourage his fellow students, and make newer folks on the mat feel at home.  He exemplifies many of our Black Belt Principles, and even at this early stage of his training, his commitment and self-discipline are very evident.

Achint is currently a freshman at Fairfield Warde High School.  He always seems to be in a great mood, and his positivity on the mat only helps to elevate the mood of every class he attends.

We look forward to continued success in every endeavor!

Kickboxing Star Student for February tami– Tami S.

Our Star Kickboxing Student for February 2016 is Tami!  Tami is one of the most enthusiastic students on our mat.  Not only is she dedicated to getting the most out of her martial arts, Tami also diligently works to improve the techniques of her training partners.

Tami is going beyond being just a C.O.B.R.A. Academy graduate, she is also looking to obtain her C.O.B.R.A. Instructor Certification… which we’re sure she’ll excel at!

Off the mat, Tami makes some amazing homemade wine, and loves spending time with her 2 children, Aurianna and Frank (who both have trained with us in the past!).  Keep up the great work in class, Tami!


Keep up the amazing work in class, and perhaps YOU will be our Star Student Next Month!

Welcome to Our New Students!

We love taking time to celebrate our newest students!  Be sure to give these students a high five the next time you see them on the mat.

New Studentsbelts

Graig M.
Hannah G.
Noelle L.
Salvatore P.
Sal P. – welcome back!!
Shannon H.


“I have learned a lot about my body; where most of my strength is, and how to use it.  It has taught me patience.  I’ve learned to take a step back from situations and study them further before taking action.”
– Kelley M. – Trumbull, CT

Karate Fundamental Class Info for March

We will be working on a unit related to Strangers for our Karate Fundamentals classes.  The younger ages (4-9) will find out at chats and games comprised of lessons about:

  • What a ‘stranger’ is
  • Who is a safe person to talk to
  • Where to go if they get lost
  • and that it is OK to say ‘No’ to a stranger

If you’re on Facebook, be SURE to connect with us in our karate group page.  You will find pics from classes, as well as valuable information related to our curriculum.


Karate Black Belt Club Info for March!

Black Belt ClubAs you’re likely aware, we are re-starting our Merit Badge System for karate students in our Black Belt Club Program.  In the past, this was a successful way to keep our students engaged, and eager to push past self-imposed boundaries to set goals.  We are excited to bring this curriculum back into our program, as our badges not only challenge our students’ physical potential, but also their cognitive ability!  All instructions on where to sew badges are included on our Merit Badge page.

Congratulations to all of our Black Belt Club karate students who had the opportunity to earn 60their Blocking Set badge this month.  The badge for March will be for Student Creed.

Beginning in April, we will also be introducing escrima sticks!  Mr. Oscar is very excited to work with the kids, as this is one of his favorite weapons to both teach and use.

escrima case

We are starting our Pre-Order for escrima sticks beginning today!  

$25 for two sticks and a case, if you get in on our pre-order.
$35 for everything if you miss out on the pre-order.

Deadline for the pre-order is Tuesday March 15th!

Make sure you see a staff member today, so your child is ready to go on April 1st — no foolin’!

Movie Night!  – Reserve Your Child’s Spot!inside out



Our next Movie Night will be  on Saturday March 19th from 5pm -8pm!  Drop off your child and a friend, and enjoy 3 hours of adult-time while your friends at Dojo Fairfield take care of the kiddies.

Participants will enjoy

  • games
  • pizza
  • movie – Inside Out by Disney/Pixar!

Cost is $20 for the first child, $10 for each additional child.   Participation is limited to the first 20 kids to sign up.
Simply see a staff member at your child’s next class, or