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helping others

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”

– Charles Dickens

October 27th, 7pm – Benefit for Rock On Justin

I’ve been sitting here for at least 30 minutes pondering how to write about this… and there is no good way to start — certainly not one which doesn’t elicit an immediate tightness in my chest and welling of tears in my eyes.  Many of our seasoned and former students will remember a member of our community – Dawn Prestom.  Dawn has been a pillar of  the Dojo Fairfield community for years, and now she needs this same community to reach out in turn, and reciprocate positive energy and resources as she embarks on every parent’s worst nightmare.justin

First, a little background.  Three years ago, Dawn’s oldest son, Justin was a vibrant young 14 year-old rock star (truly – he plays the drums for Fairfield’s School of Rock!), when he was diagnosed with A.L.L. Leukemia.  For three and a half years Justin underwent chemo treatments to fight this disease.  Despite the debilitating affects of chemotherapy, Justin persevered, gradated high school, and planned on attending Berklee College of Music in Boston.  On his very last day of treatment (as he was in the midst of packing up for Berklee), his doctor noticed that his numbers were low, and ordered a round of tests.  The tests revealed that not only was the cancer back, it was the more serious, AML form of Leukemia.

Justin will need a bone-marrow transplant.  Justin will also need to remain in the hospital for a duration of 2-3 months, and will not be able to participate in anything for 6 months to a year.  In short, Justin, his brother Derek, and their family need all the love, positivity, and support we can muster as they embark on this new round of treatment.  As I said before, this is every parent’s worst nightmare.

We invite you to reach out individually, if you can, with a financial gesture, a prayer, a message to Dawn — any way you can show your love during this trying time.

Collectively, we at Dojo Fairfield will be hosting a night at the dojo benefit the family.  We will be closed on Tuesday October 27th, for all evening classes.  At 7pm we will be running a special kickboxing class for students, friends, family, former students … ANYONE who would like to attend.  There will be a minimum charge of $25 to attend this class, and 100% of the money will be given to Dawn and her family.  This will not only be a kickboxing class, it will be a show of support and commitment to a valued member of our community.

Please save the date, and share this event with those in your circle.   It is during our despair that we feel most isolated from the world, and now more than ever we need Dawn to know that she is not alone in this fight.  THANK YOU!


 September Testing

Although the first post in this newsletter was serious, there is still a lot to celebrate.  Last night we had our September test -and both our youth and adult students showed what it meant to be Dojo Fairfield Strong!  Our youth Bo-Black students had the opportunity to perform a Leg Sweep takedown technique on Ms. Karina.

Congratulations and thank you everyone who came out to support the folks testing!

sept test 3 sept test 4sept test 2 sept test 5 sept test 6 sept test

Karate Test
Will L. – White/Purple Belt
Baylor K. – Yellow Belt
Melissa C. – Orange Belt
Carolina D. – Purple Belt
Luca D. – Purple Belt
Patryck S. – Blue Belt
Anyela M. – Blue Belt
Brandon M. – Blue Stripe Belt
Justin C. – Bo-Black Stripe
Liam L. – Bo-Black Stripe
Luke R. – B0-Black Stripe
Rebecca T. – Bo-Black Stripe

Kickboxing Test
Becky M. – Green Belt
Alex D. – Bo-Black Stripe
Anne C. – Bo-Black Stripe
Mimi F. – Bo-Black Stripe

**TONS of Additional pictures are on our Facebook page!  Be sure to ‘like us’ in order to view the pictures

Do you have a child who could benefit from some positive reinforcement, or use a little extra confidence?  Email us today in order to setup a NO OBLIGATION introductory lesson!

Welcome to Our New Students!

We love making time to celebrate our newest students (some of whom are previous members).  Be sure to give these students a high five the next time you see them on the mat.

New Students
Isabelle S.
Sheila C. – welcome back!
Romy R. – welcome back!
Virginia B. – welcome back!


We’ve Accepted New BlBBCack Belt Club Students!

We have new students who have been accepted onto our Black Belt Club program!

Congratulations to:
Anyela M.
Isabelle S.

Our Black Belt Club program is invitation-only, and allows students to increase their participation and martial arts know-how by engaging in our BBC curriculum.  Are you ready to join in on the fun?  Ask an instructor about BBC today!

Here is a little YouTube video of some BBC students practicing their Bo-Staff techniques:

This class is more than a kickboxing program – it is an art.  It brings your mind and body together as you gain strength, power and agility.  A true rush!”  – Jasmine R.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

bcrf logoDid you know that just $25 funds a half hour of research to prevent and cure the disease?  At Dojo Fairfield we LOVE providing our students with a way to give back.  Accordingly, we are selling pink sparring glove keychains for $5.  For every keychain sold, we will donate $1 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).  october pink gloves


Not only that — for EVERY NEW STUDENT who signs up or our program and EVERY STUDENT WHO UPGRADES onto our Black Belt Club program, we will donate $25 to the BCRF!

Be sure to get your friends and family on the mat this October, and see a staff member about your keychain and upgrade – you good-deed-doer!

It’s Getting Cooler – Time to Pre-Order a Dojo Fleece!

We’re Pre-Ordering both Adult and Youth Fleece Jackets between NOW and October 3rd!  If you’re in the market for a stylish and comfortable way to stay cozy and warm this fall, don’t miss out on this Pre-Order… we will not be ordering any additional jackets.

Here are details:


fleeceAdult Jackets

Made of 9.6 oz, 100% polyester with a matching color half zipper.  Front zip pockets.  Detail stitched shoulder yoke.  Adjustable bungee drawstring.  Black Jacket, with Dojo Fairfield logo embroidered on left chest.  Sizes xs – xl = $45.  Add $2 for size 2xl.



youth fleece

Youth 8 oz. Full-Zip Jackets

100% spun soft polyester fleece with non-pill surface finish and dyed to match zippers and

zipper pull.  Bottom hem with drawcord and toggles, mid-weight fleece – highly breathable.  Font zip pockets, front yoke, non-roll elastic cuffs.  Black Jacket, with Dojo Fairfield logo embroidered on left chest.  $45


Orders will be placed on October 3rd.  Only folks who pre-order and pay in full by October 3rd will receive their fleece.  See a staff member today!

Word of the Week Curriculum for Karate Students

Over the course of the next several weeks we will be expanding the character development segment of our karate program to include a “word of the week”.

We will be introducing words to the younger students that will not only enrich their language, but will help them to understand ways to approach different situations.  With our older students, we will be discussing the word and how it relates to them; while maintaining our core Black Belt principles of Respect, Self-Control, Self-Discipline, Commitment, and Perseverance.

We will be posting the word on the bulletin board every week.  It is our goal that all of the words not only expand your child’s vocabulary, but will also expand your child’s consideration of the way to be strong, kind, and compassionate kids we know they already are.


 Cage Fitness – Try it Out!


Have you tried out a Cage Fitness class yet?  If not, we have classes 7 days per week, and look forward to seeing you on the mat at one!

Since there is no knowledge base that is required, nor any ranking system, we are able to provide a variety of options for participation – from drop-in’s, to class packs (10 classes or 30 classes), or a monthly tuition.  (And we have a SIGNIFICANT discount for current kickboxing students.)

Be sure to drop in for a class to see for yourself why our “Ragin’ Cager’s” keep coming back for more!

Cage fitness fairfield ct