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See Who Earned a New Rank Last Night!

Wow.  What a fun set of tests we had at the dojo last night!  Excellent job on earning your newest ranks.  We’re proud of the hard work exhibited by everyone.
karate test 3 karate test 2 karate test1

Karate Test
Ben S. – Yellow Belt
Liam L. – Brown II Belt
Valentina B. – Brown Belt
Keren K. – Orange Belt

kbox test 3 kbox test2 kbox test

Kickboxing Test
Alex D. – Yellow Belt
Anne C. – Green Belt
Sahab A. – Blue Stripe Belt

Bo-Black Stripes
Jan B.
Sarah L.
Senja F.

Remember to get all your classes in, if it’s your rotation to test next month!  We’ll see you on the mat!

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Welcome to our Newest Students!


We’ve had some new students join our wonderful, supportive community at Dojo Fairfield (and one very familiar, cheerful face who is re-joining us!).  Be sure to introduce yourself at your next class!

Dojo Fairfield’s Newest Students!

Antonio A.
Jackson D.
Joann C. (Welcome Back!)
Jonathan S.

We look forward to working with you on the mat!


It’s been said that “it takes a village” in order to raise a child… and we’re here to support YOUR role as a parent by reinforcing those good behaviors you want to see.

“My son has been taking karate at Stryker Martial Arts for over two years, and the experience has had a positive influence on his self-confidence, self-control and physical well-being.  His self-confidence has shown tremendous growth, as he frequently approaches challenging situations with self-assurance and composure.  … Taking karate has had a beneficial effect on his physical well-being; it’s extremely challenging, provides great exercise, builds muscles, prepares him for other activities, and is always fun!  Thanks for the continued pursuit of excellence in your kids program!  – Michele

Karate Student Spotlight – Brett I.

We know that our students’ success in karate is a family effort. We want to acknowledge Brett and his family for their commitment to Brett’s goal of Black Belt!  Ms. Kristin got a chance to ask Brett a few questions about his training:

K.V.: How long have you been taking karate?
B.I.: Four and a half years, I think.

K.V.: What is your current rank?
B.I.: Bo Black, testing for my Black Belt in December 2014

K.V.: How do you make sure that you get all of your classes in each month so you can earn a progress stripe and get one step closer to Black Belt?
B.I.: My parents and I sit down together at the beginning of each month and map out all of my activities to make sure that I can make time for karate and get enough classes done. We put a star on each calendar day that I go to karate so we can keep track of my classes.

K.V.: What is your biggest challenge to getting all of your classes in each month?
B.I.: My biggest challenge is that I need to make sure that I can complete what I am doing before I leave for karate. I don’t like to leave things unfinished. If I have an hour left before I have to  leave for karate, I need to pick something to do that can get done in that hour.

K.V.: How are you doing with keeping on track for Black Belt testing in December?
B.I.: I have 18 progress stripes, so four more to go. I’m on track!

Great job, Brett!

Karate Student Spotlight – Nathan and Ben S.

family training It’s always great when family members get to learn how to train together. They can take what they learn on the mat and apply it to other areas of their life where they have to work together! Recently, Nathan–a Black Belt in our juniors program–started training with his brother, Ben, who joined the Dojo in December as a white belt.

Ms. Kristin asked the brothers what it has been like training together:

It’s a different experience seeing him [Nathan] lead a class. I don’t normally see that. I don’t normally have him leading me in something. I get to watch him, though. It’s good to watch him. It’s good to learn how to work together.
It’s challenging to have my brother in the same class as me sometimes. We are a very competitive family. But it’s fun because we do get to work together and I get to see him [Ben] improve.

Keep up the great work in class, guys!

Do you have a child who could benefit from some positive reinforcement, or use a little extra confidence?  Email us today in order to setup an introductory lesson, and see how our program supports your role as a parent!  

Student Spring Referral Winner!target

Congratulations to Shelia M., for winning our Spring Referral Drawing, and a $100 Target Gift Card!

Not only does she have the opportunity to train with the family and friends that she’s referred to our programs, she now has a little extra change in her pocket, for her next trip to Target

Black Belt Pre-Test – Save the Date!

Kickboxing Fairfield, CT

Our Black Belt Pre-Test will take place on Saturday May 17th at 12:30pm. 

If you are a current B0-Black student who is ready to test for your Black Belt in June, you MUST report to the school for the Pre-Test.  During this hour-long session, you demonstrate all techniques on the current Black Belt students with whom you’ll be testing.  They will provide detailed feedback on your readiness, and ultimately decide whether or not you are ready to test in June.

Please be sure to save the date.  Good luck to all Black Belt candidates!

Good Luck at the Fitathlon Tomorrow – 5k Team!

We have a group of Dojo Fairfield 5K Team-members who are ready to tackle the Southern CT Fitathlon tomorrow morning at Sherwood Island State Park! Here is a sample of the exciting and challenging obstacles they’ll encounter:

  1. Calisthenics
  2. Lunge lane -Starts on the beach. Guaranteed to make your legs burn. Take a rest if needed but no walking.
  3. Short run – 1/4 – mile of running. Your legs will be so tired it’ll feel like the last mile of a marathon.
  4. Walls – The short ones – 5 feet.  Everyone has 4 to climb.
  5. Speed and Agility Run- High Knees. Add some cones, hurdle. Let’s see how mobile and agile you are.
  6. Cargo Net – Balance, core and upper body strength will be on display in this obstacle. It’s a simple 8 foot climb across the net. Again and again. With some jumping in between. No rolling!
  7. Balance beams – Some a round, some are square. repeat, repeat.
  8. Wall Climb – Big walls. 8 ft high. No worries you have rope to help you. You gotta do it four times.
  9. Chain Pull – 60lbs, 100 yards. You must pull it while backpedaling. Your hams and glutes will be on fire.
  10. Long run – 1/2 – ¾ mile of running
  11. Wheel Barrel Push – It’s sorta looks like a wheel barrel. It’s our version, loaded with 90lbs. and a flat tire. Push it through grass for the designated distance and turn around and come back.
  12. Tire Flip – 200lb+ tires. You have to flip it 4-10 times depending on your level.
  13. Ruck Sack Run -1/2 mile. You have to take your 25lb ruck sack with you. I hope you’ve been training with a weight vest!
  14. Over/Unders – 100 yards of leaping and ducking. Over 2 foot hurdles, Under 3 foot hurdles. 48 hurdles in all!
  15. Transverse Wall -We gotta see you move in different planes. Hope you’ve tried rock climbing. Climb from one side to the other. Crawl through some tunnels and repeat.
  16.  Monkey Bars – Yup, time for some upper body work. Do your best. It’s probably been a while.
  17. Ropes – 40ft, 2inches. Slam it as hard and as fast as you can for the allotted time (30 – 60 secs.)
  18. Sprint to the finish line – Let’s see what’s left in the tank.

We’ll have some pictures to post in our next newsletter.. stay tuned to see who braved this event!

Support Your School with Dojo Street Wear!

Karate Fairfield CT

We now are offering apparel to wear off the mat, in order to stay warm, look stylish, and tell the world that you train with the best community in Fairfield County!

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We LOVE Referrals!  Who Do YOU Want to See Training Beside You on the Mat?

Kickboxing Quickstart special

Be sure to pick up a few of our adult kickboxing or youth karate referral cards!  Your friends can train for 2 weeks for only $19.95!  The cost includes either a t-shirt for adults or a gi for kids.

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