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See Who Earned a New Rank Last Night!

EXCELLENT JOB to everyone who earned their newest rank at our test last night!  We had a phenomenal turnout for both tests, and the energy on the mat was amazing.  Wear your hard-earned, new belts proudly!
Dojo Fairfield 19 Dojo Fairfield

Karate Test
Aiden N. – Green Stripe Belt
Allie T. – Blue Belt
Brian H. – Blue Belt
Cesar G. – Blue Stripe Belt
Eleanor J. – Brown III Belt
Joshua R. – Blue Stripe Belt
Kyle R. – Green Belt
Mateo C. – Green Stripe Belt
Molly M. – Orange Belt
Nathan C. – Blue Stripe Belt

Kickboxing Test
Becky M. – Yellow Belt
Mark A. – Brown I Belt
Sioban C. – Bo-Black Belt

Bo-Black Stripes
Jan B.
Senja F.

Remember to get all your classes in, if it’s your rotation to test next month!  We’ll see you on the mat!

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A Hearty Welcome to our Newest Students!


We’ve had some new students join our wonderful, supportive community at Dojo Fairfield.  Be sure to introduce yourself at your next class!

Dojo Fairfield’s Newest Students!

Annalise M.
Tina E.
Victor M.
Zhariya H.

We look forward to working with you on the mat!


It’s been said that “it takes a village” in order to raise a child… and we’re here to support YOUR role as a parent by reinforcing those good behaviors you want to see.

“My son has been taking karate at Stryker Martial Arts for over two years, and the experience has had a positive influence on his self-confidence, self-control and physical well-being.  His self-confidence has shown tremendous growth, as he frequently approaches challenging situations with self-assurance and composure.  … Taking karate has had a beneficial effect on his physical well-being; it’s extremely challenging, provides great exercise, builds muscles, prepares him for other activities, and is always fun!  Thanks for the continued pursuit of excellence in your kids program!  – Michele


** Important News for Kickboxing Students! **

DSCN0573You may recall a survey that went out about a month ago, which was intended to evaluate our programs within the Dojo.  What you may not be aware of, is the fact that the staff is currently analyzing the results, and taking an internal review of our programs in order to ensure that we are providing the best service for our students.

This will be an ongoing process, and the first immediate changes we are making affect our kickboxing students.  After an internal review of our Kickboxing Program coupled with the survey results, a few things have become apparent.  Specifically,

  • Belts
  • Ranking Requirements
  • Frequency of Training


Many folks have expressed the desire to re-institute our belt-ranking system for kickboxing… and we absolutely agree.  Beginning today, we will resume wearing belts for all kickboxing classes.   So get ready to represent your rank, and tie that belt proudly – you’ve earned it!

Ranking Requirements

With the re-institution of our belt system, we have modified our ranking requirements.  In doing this, we decided to work backwards and take a look at the caliber of Black Belt we want to graduate from our program – then design the program that would best prepare and train this martial artist.  Accordingly, there are some changes.

We have developed 2 new classes – Advanced Training and Black Belt Training – which are held on Mondays and Thursdays from 7:45pm – 8:15pm.  Black Belt Club Students will participate in the 7pm kickboxing class, and then stay for an additional 1/2 hour for the Advanced Training or Black Belt Training session.  The illustration below provides greater detail on the requirements for progressing in rank.

kickboxing visual ranking

Frequency of Training

Many folks have expressed interest in increasing their training opportunity, and we agree that this will only enhance your experience on the mat as well as the value you receive from the school.  Beginning immediately, all students on our Basic Program may train up to 3 times per week, and all students on our Black Belt Club (BBC) program, will have unrestricted access to training.  With the institution of our Advanced Training and Black Belt Training classes working in tandem with our current class schedule, Thursday evening’s 7pm class is now available to all ranks.  A revised class schedule, which is now in effect, is located here.

Change is seldom easy, and we can appreciate any confusion that arrives with this revised program – but as Master Dan says, the only constant in our program, is that it will change… and EVERY change is made in the best interest of our students.

If you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to email us, or speak with Kailen or Karina at the school.  We are incredibly excited about the value this will bring to your training, and look forward to seeing you in class (with your belt)!

Black Belt Pre-Test – Save the Date!

Kickboxing Fairfield, CT

Our Black Belt Pre-Test will take place on Saturday May 17th at 12:30pm. 

If you are a current B0-Black student who is ready to test for your Black Belt in June, you MUST report to the school for the Pre-Test.  During this hour-long session, you demonstrate all techniques on the current Black Belt students with whom you’ll be testing.  They will provide detailed feedback on your readiness, and ultimately decide whether or not you are ready to test in June.

Please be sure to save the date.  Good luck to all Black Belt candidates!

Support Your School with Dojo Street Wear!

Karate Fairfield CT

We now are offering apparel to wear off the mat, in order to stay warm, look stylish, and tell the world that you train with the best community in Fairfield County!

Be sure to check out the merchandise at: DojoFairfield.spreadshirt.com


Win a $100 Target Gift Card!  (Oh you know you’ll spend it…)

spring 2014 referral special

Be sure to pick up a few of our adult kickboxing or youth karate referral cards!  Your friends can train for 2 weeks for only $19.95!  The cost includes either a t-shirt for adults or a gi for kids.

Simply call us at (203) 319-9989, or email us in order to set up your first class!