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“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”

— Audrey Hepburn

Guess Who Earned a New Belt?!

Sweaty students, excited parents and supporters, and amazing accomplishments… Last night was full of all three, as we ended the month with Testing.  Excellent job, to all of our students who earned their newest rank!

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Karate Test
Carolina D. – White/Purple Belt
Ishan R. – White/Purple Belt
Luca D. – White/Purple Belt
Anyela M. – Yellow Belt
Joe L. – Yellow Belt
Rhys I. – Yellow Belt
Adriana H. – Purple Belt
David V. – Purple Belt
Suleen K. – Purple Belt
Nikolas M. – Blue Stripe Belt
Kenny F. – Green Stripe Belt
Mariel F. – Green Stripe Belt
Maryam N. – Green Stripe Belt
Nathan C. – Brown
Valentina B. – Brown III

Kickboxing Test
Jay M. – Green Stripe Belt

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Do you have a child who could benefit from some positive reinforcement, or use a little extra confidence?  Email us today in order to setup an introductory lesson!

 We Have New White Belt Students!

We have new students on the mat this month!  Be sure to say “Hello” at your next class.black-belt-1024x580

Welcome to Dojo Fairfield!

Anyela M.
Joe L.
Rhys I.

If you know someone who could benefit from training in the martial arts, bring them in for a class!  The easiest way to refer a student and transform a life, is to simply bring them in as a buddy.  Call (203) 319-9989, or email us today for more information!

We’ve Accepted New BlBBCack Belt Club Students!

Three new students have been accepted onto our Black Belt Club program!

Congratulations to:
Annabella S.
Rhys I.

Our Black Belt Club program is invitation-only, and allows students to increase their participation and martial arts know-how by engaging in our BBC curriculum.  Are you ready to join in on the fun?  Ask an instructor about BBC today!

This class is more than a kickboxing program – it is an art.  It brings your mind and body together as you gain strength, power and agility.  A true rush!”  – Jasmine R.

Bo-Black Karate Students – Change in Testing Procedures


Beginning next month, we will have a change in testing procedures for our Bo-Black karate students.

Currently, Bo-Black belts receive their stripe during the last week of the month – assuming they have attained all required classes.  Starting in March, Bo-Black students will attend the regularly scheduled test, on Thursday evening.

During the test, they will be required to demonstrate a specific technique that is part of the Black Belt curriculum. This technique will be thoroughly practiced throughout the month during regular classes, and in the Wednesday Black Belt Techniques class.

We look forward to having our Bo-Black leaders back on the mat during testing!

Enhanced BBC Padded Weapons Curriculum

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been using escrima sticks in our BBC program for over a year!   While a great form of defense, we’ve noticed that this repetition is getting a little stale for our older BBC’ers, so we’ve decided to change it up.

Beginning in April, we are enhancing our Black Belt Club padded weapons curriculum to include (but 1210-1not restricted to) nunchakus, kamas, escrima sticks, sai, and bo-staff.  We are excited to increase the knowledge-base that we’re providing our students, and are looking forward to re-energizing the classes.

In April, we will be transitioning to Nunchakus! 

Nunchakus have been ordered, and will arrive in Mid-March.  They cost $10 each.  Be sure to see a staff member in order to ensure that your child is prepared for this exciting change!

Re-Cap of Our February Events

We had an AWESOME time during our two February events – our Valentine’s Day Parent’s Night Out event on Saturday February 14th, and our Reiki Seminar on February 22nd.

THANK YOU to everyone who participated, and to Reiki Master Leila Amani Marrash, who ran an amazing seminar!

Stay tuned – as we will be be adding new events to our roster soon!















Cage Fitness is now a Full-Time Program!

10383917_929177340439775_8183676067593237095_nWe are thrilled with the response that our January Cage Fitness Sprint has generated, and are happy to announce that Cage Fitness will be a full time program at Dojo Fairfield!

Since there is no knowledge base that is required, nor any ranking system, we are able to provide a variety of options for participation – from drop-in’s, to class packs (10 classes or 30 classes), or a monthly tuition.  (And we have a SIGNIFICANT discount for current kickboxing students.)

Be sure to drop in for a class to see for yourself why our “Ragin’ Cager’s” keep coming back for more!

Cage fitness fairfield ct

 Help Support the Fairfield Public Library!

This Sunday we’re happy to support the Fairfield Woods Branch of the Fairfield Public Library, as they host their annual Mini Golf Extravaganza!

Be sure to look out for the Dojo Fairfield sponsored hole, and try your luck at mastering this fun mini golf course through the library.  The cost for participation is $5 per person, or $20 per family.


Love Dojo Fairfield?  Tell Us About It and Get Rewarded!

We have heard such amazing and inspiring stories related to our students’ training, and would love the opportunity to share these stories with the broader community.  (You may even get rewarded for doing so!)

Karate Fairfield CT

We are giving away THREE $25 gift cards to Spreadshirt to the first three students or parents who provide us with a written testimonial.

Has your child gained confidence or demonstrated an improvement in behavior since he/she began training?  Have you felt a difference in the way you approach challenges in your daily life?  Have you gained strength?  Flexibility? Lost weight?  Increased endurance?… We want to hear from YOU!

Simply send us as email with your testimonial, and if you’re one of the first 3 people to respond, we will email you a $25 gift card to spreadshirt!