Dojo News – Week of August 26, 2013

Quote of the Week
“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.”
-John Wooden

CHANGES To Kickboxing Schedule!
We’ve had a LOT of people asking us to add evening classes to our cardio kickboxing program – and we’re pleased to announce that NEXT WEEK will be expanding our schedule. Beginning on Tuesday September 3rd, classes will take place: 6am Monday, 9:30am Wednesday, 7pm Thursday, 9:30am Friday, 7pm Friday, and 8:30am Saturday.  The Thursday evening Tap Tap class will move to 7:45pm, and we are cancelling the Leadership class on Friday evening.  Students may not participate in back-to-back classes.  The cost is only $10 to try out this amazing program.  Get on the list, get on the mat, and get the results you’ve only dreamed about.  See a staff member today for more information.

Dojo Closings: We will be CLOSED on Saturday August 31st, Sunday September 1st, and Monday September 2nd, in observation of the Labor Day holiday weekend.  Please enjoy this time with your friends and family, and we look forward to seeing you back on the mat on Tuesday!

Karate News – For most folks in the area, school is starting this week!  Good thing we’ve been working on effective communication skills with the kids!  Their new teachers will be sure to appreciate all of their hard work.

Thai Kickboxing News – We’re doing some fun variations with footwork and punching in class.  Transitioning between partner work and bag work may prove challenging at first, but it will get easier… promise!  Don’t Forget – Thursday Evening Tap Tap is moving to 7:45pm!

August Testing – Our next test is THIS THURSDAY August 29th.  There will be no regularly scheduled classes on testing day.  Our Karate test will begin at 6pm, and the kickboxing test will begin at 7:15pm.