We have all spent the better part of our lives hearing that change is good, right?  Probably more than we care to consider.  We, at Dojo Fairfield, happen to agree with this adage.

You may have noticed during the past several months that we have transitioned from using the name ‘Stryker Martial Arts’ to favoring ‘Dojo Fairfield’.  There were many reasons for this change.  Here are three:

  1. When we moved from Post Rd to Black Rock Tpke almost two years ago, Master Dan began to dually brand the school (hence we have both logos on the front door).  Together we made the decision that the time was right was to become known solely as Dojo Fairfield.
  2. Kailen Pirro and Karina Gramesty have purchased the business of Dojo Fairfield from Master Dan.
  3. The adage is in fact true; change is good.

Wait… Did you catch that?  Management has changed.

Kailen and Karina have collectively been a part of the Dojo Fairfield community for over 15 years.  We have trained with Master Dan, we have worked for (and with) him, and now we will continue our working relationship in new roles.  Master Dan will remain at a teaching capacity but should no longer be approached with questions or feedback pertaining to ‘the business’ of Dojo Fairfield (e.g., memberships, marketing initiatives, or advertising).  However, questions about how to perfect a devastating roundhouse kick are still within Master Dan’s domain.

For as much as things are changing, our commitment to your training remains steadfast.  Our main priorities have always been and will continue to be your family’s martial arts experience.  The quality of instruction you’ve grown to expect from Dojo Fairfield will remain intact.  In fact, Master Dan will be teaching select adult kickboxing AND youth karate classes during the week, which will only increase the experience and energy on the mat.

We are tremendously excited to take the reigns of the organization and bring back the community feel which sets Dojo Fairfield apart from the rest of the martial arts industry.  We’re working hard to bring new training opportunities to the mat, and partner with proven character development systems and health experts to further empower our students.

We also want to know how we’re doing; and from time to time, we’ll be asking you what you love about the school and what can be improved – after all… it’s YOUR school!  We need you – our community – to help us with that.  If you have constructive feedback, we want to hear it – just call us, email us, or even knock on our door.  We’re always around and our ears are open.

We hope you share our enthusiasm for the future of Dojo Fairfield!  Thank you for helping to make Dojo Fairfield such a special place to train.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Kailen and Karina