Testing Requirements for Black Belt

Black Belt is a White Belt who Never Quit!

Black Belt is a White Belt who Never Quit!

Although Black Belt is universal, for different schools it means different things.  Some schools only require the student to train for 2 years to achieve Black Belt, while at Dojo Fairfield, you must train for a minimum of 4 1/2 years.  In our school, when you achieve Black Belt, you are not only technically proficient in basic martial arts skills, but you are also a leader in your community.  Whether a child in school, a corporate executive, or within the dojo, you have a commanding presence and a leadership role within that community.

At Dojo Fairfield, Black Belt testing takes place two times per year: in June and December.

Bo-Black students who have earned the appropriate number of stripes (10-12 for adult Kickboxers, and 22-24 for karate students), are eligible to participate in our Black Belt Pre-Test which takes place approximately one month prior to the official test in June or December.  During the Pre-Test, the Bo-Black student will demonstrate their techniques on the current Black Belts, who will then determine whether or not the student is ready to participate in the official test.  All decisions regarding a Bo-Black candidate’s ability to test are final, and are at the sole discretion of the Black Belt students with whom they are testing.

Should a student fail to exhibit the level of fluency required for testing, they will be asked to participate in the next Pre-Test (six months later).  The student will receive feedback on what they need to work on in order to qualify for the next Black Belt test.

The Black Belt Testblackbelt

Black Belt testing is not like testing for yellow belt or brown belt, where you receive your required number of daily stripes and are tested at the end of the month.  Black Belt tests are held every 6 months, and require a great deal of preparation time on the part of the staff.  Each test is around 4-5 hours in duration.  We do not have any make-ups and do not make any special accommodations.  If you miss a test, you will wait until the next Pre-Test  and requalify.

The Black Belt Test consists of 4-5 hours of both technique and dynamic drills.   The first hour of the test is an endurance challenge, including a full geared kickboxing class (Tap Tap), pushups, situps stretching, and basic combinations.  The next part of the test (hours 2-4) involve self-defense skills.  Students must execute all takedowns, wrist locks, grab defenses, pressure points and weapon disarms in both static situations and dynamic drills under pressure. The final hour of the test consists of a Black Belt discussion and board breaks.

The first hour of the class is 100% mandatory.  If a student does not complete the push ups, sit ups, and stretching after a full class, they will be dismissed immediately.  If at any point during the test we feel that you are not performing up to a Black Belt Standard, we will immediately excuse you from the test.  You may then come back 6 months later and requalify at our Pre-Test.

2018 Pre-Test Dates

Saturday May 5th – 1:00pm
Saturday November 3rd – 1:00pm

2018 Black Belt Test Dates

Saturday June 2nd – All students must report to the dojo by 1:00pm
Saturday December 1st – All students must report to the dojo by 1:00pm