Dear Parents,

If you have watched class lately, you have noticed that we have implemented a “Better Behaved Kids” portion of our class where we have begun discussing different “Projects” we want the kids working on.  These “Projects” are meant to support what you are already doing at home.  We have found that when messages from parents are reiterated by a third party, they really start to gain some traction.

Kids start saying to themselves, “Well ghee, if my mom says that I should say please and thank you, and the instructors at the karate school tell me I should say please and thank you, it must be the thing to do.”

The first Project we implemented was “Being asked to do something one time… and one time only.”  Hopefully you have already seen the benefits of this Project at home.  If you haven’t, I invite you to start referencing it with your children.  I reference these projects regularly with my son and his behavior changes very quickly.

Please remember that the belt system, stripes and merit badges are all a reward system.  When you reference karate, the kids immediately refer to that reward system in their mind because it is what we use on the mat.  This reward system has been specifically designed over the last 16 years and it works! 

Some of the issues that we have been discussing are:

  • Cleaning their room
  • Turning the TV off
  • Getting ready for school
  • Getting ready for bed

…and plenty more.

Again, I hope you have seen an improvement in this area of your child’s life and I look forward to partnering with you in the future to help raise, “Better Behaved Kids.”


Master Dan

Stryker Martial Arts Inc.